Class -5

2.Long answer type questions:-
a. Define fundamental duties and name them.
And:-fundamental duties are the moral obligations of all citizens to help promote a spirit of patriotism and to uphold the unity of India. The fundamental duties are given below:-
1. Follow the constitution of India.
2.Respect the national flag and national anthem.
3.Protect the unity and integrity of India.
4.Help to defend the country when it is in danger.
5.Treat all the citizens of India as equals.
6.Protect and improve the natural environment.
7.To preserve the rich heritage of India.
8.To avoid acts of violence.
9.To work hard for the progress of the country.
10. Protect and take care of public property.

b. Why is there a need for constitution?
And:-There is the need for constitution for the following reasons:-
1.A Constitution forms certain rules and regulations that show the kind of country in which we are living.
2. A Constitution helps us to set of rules and principles.
3.A country is made of different people with different belief. The main aim of Constitution is to fulfill the belief of the people.

c. Explain the features of Democratic form of government.
Ans:-The main basic features of the democratic form of government are:
1. The people select the ruler.
2.The final decision of the making power depends on the people of the country.
3. A democracy is based on the fair and free election.
4. Each adult citizen has the right to vote.
5. There is no gender differentiation in voting.
6.A democratic government rules between the limit set up for the constitutional law and citizens right.

d. Why elections are important in a democratic government?
Ans:-The elections are of utmost important in a democratic form of government.Democracy is based on all people having equal rights and country ruled by the people.Therefore, elections are essential in a democratic government.

e. Write down three fundamental rights for a people of India?
Ans:-The three fundamental rights for the people of India are:-
1. Right to equality
2. Right to freedom of speech
3. Right to follow any religion.

f. What is a democratic country?
Ans:- Democracy means rule by the people.A democratic country has a system of government in which the people have the power to participate in decision making.
g. What are the unitary features of a democratic government?
Ans:-The unitary features of a democratic government are:-
1.It provides a single citizenship to each people of India.
2.In case of conflict with Union and State power, the decision of union is considered.
3.The president appoints the state governors.
4.There is a single judicial system in India.
5.The state government don't have their own constitution.

3. Fill in the blanks:-
a. Dr. B.R.Ambedkar
b 448
c. Dual system
d. 5
e. Democratic



Short answer type questions:

A. Where you born in free India? 
Ans- Yes, I was born in free India. 

B. Can you live in any part of India? 
Ans- yes, we can live in any part of India. 

C. What is the forms of government in India? 
Ans- the forms of government in India is parliamentary democratic. 

D. Name the two Federal forms of government
Ans- central government and state government are the two Federal forms of government. 

E. Is the constitution of India a legal document? 
Ans- yes, the constitution of India is a legal document. 

F. List two responsibilities of a citizen. 
Ans- citizens should understand the value of voting and should use it fairly. 
A citizen should have the responsibility to know his rights and duties.


2.Long answer type questions:
a.Write short notes on Mesolithic era of human kind.
Ans:-The Mesolithic era lasted about 1000 BCE till 8000 BCE.It is also called as Middle Stone Age .The stone tools were known as microlithis .The tools were smaller,sharper and more efficient than the tools of Paleolithic period.In the Mesolithic era,the rock paintings move from the caves to outdoor sites.This era also exhibited plastic art.Hunting and gathering food was the main occupation of this period .

b.How invention of wheel has changed the lives of man?
Ans:-The invention of wheel changed the man's life in many ways .It made the life easier because people can now go to distant places in search of food and water.The invention of wheel was also helpful for the potter,as it improved the pottery making .There was also an improvement in the trade and voyages , because people can travel from one place to another.

c.Explain the tools used by the Iron Age man.
Ans:-The Iron Age is marked by the implementation of iron implements ,tools and weapons.The adoption of iron and steel changed the lives of the people.Language and literature saw a great deal of evolutions in the Iron Age.Iron farming tools such as sickles and plough tips made the life of the man easier.They used it while hunting of animals.

d.How computers are useful for us?
Ans:-Computer is an electronic man made device.People use computer for sending e-mails and other messages through internet.The internet is a network of computers.We can get information of any subject on the internet.

e.How messages are transformed through a satellite?
Ans:-Satellites are also good means of communication.They serve various purposes.Satellite communicate by using radio waves to send signals to the antennas on the Earth.The antennas then capture those signals and process the information coming from those signals.Cameras are also fitted on the satellites,which help to take pictures of the Earth.

3.Fill in the blanks:-
a.were known as microlithis
b.Neolithic age
e.Alexander Graham Bell
f.Johannes Gutenberg
h.sign language
I.8th century BCE
k.Samuel Morse

1.Short answer type questions:-
a.Name the three ages of Stone Age.
Ans:-The three ages of Stone Age are:-
Paleolithic or Old Stone Age
Mesolithic or Middle Stone Age
Neolithic or New Stone Age
b.Where is Bhimbetka found?
Ans:-Madhya Pradesh
c.What is the time period of Chalcolithic Age?
Ans:-4000-2000 BCE
d.What is the evidence of Iron Age?
Ans:-The Iron Age began in the 8th century BCE.The Iron Age is marked by the implementation of iron implements ,tools and weapons.The adoption of iron and steel changed the lives of the people.Language and literature saw a great deal of evolutions in the Iron Age.
e.Name the Iron farming tools used during Iron Age?
Ans:- Sickles and plough tips were used during Iron Age.
f.Who first used the pigeons as a communication medium?
Ans:-Syria and Persia used the pigeons as a communication medium.
g.What is an e-mail?
Ans:-An e-mail is the fastest means of mass communication.
h.When was the first printing press invented?
Ans:-The first printing press was invented around 1440.
I.Name some modern means of transportation?
Ans:-Some modern means of transportation are:-car,bus,aeroplane,ship etc.
j.What was the first message said on May 24,1844?
Ans:-The first message said on May 24,1844 was-"What hath God wrought?"