Date -31-08-2021
Subject -M.Sci
Chapter -7 The Builders of Our Lives
A.Answer these questions:-
1.Who is a teacher?
Ans:-A teacher is a person who teaches us good manners ,good behavior and gives us knowledge.A teacher is an ocean of knowledge and an idol for all learners.
2.Write about the qualities of a good teacher.
Ans:- A good teacher is:
1 attractive
2. Highly educated
3. Social and friendly
4. Helpful
5. Wise
6. Enthusiastic and encouraging
7. Strict but lovable
3.In the story ,how did Salim teach counting to Prince Arif?
Ans:-Salim told Prince Arif to count all the pigeons that he used to look after .After counting all the pigeons ,Salim again told Prince Arif to count white pigeons and grey pigeons .In this way ,Salim taught the Prince  how to count.
4. Did Saleem succeed in teaching Prince Arif? What was his reward?
Ans:-Yes,Salim succeeded in teaching Prince Arif.He was awarded with one thousand gold coins.

B. Write "yes" or "No":
2. No
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. Yes

C. Match the columns:-
1.Teacher - ocean of knowledge
2. Salim looked after the king's pigeons
3. Salim taught the prince -how to count
4. Salim was rewarded with -one thousand gold coins.
5. The prince began going to - school.

Date -23-08-2021
Class -3
Subject -M.Sci.
Chapter -6 Gaining Knowledge
A.Answer these questions:-
1.How is knowledge helpful for us?
Ans:-Knowledge gives us the power to live a successful life. With the help of our knowledge we can take right decisions at right time.
2. How old was Tilly ?What was she doing in Thailand?
And:- Tilly Smith was a 10 year old English girl. She was in Thailand on a holiday trip with her family.
3. Tilly noticed strange changes in the sea. What were they?
And:-Tilly noticed that the sea which was so calm a while ago ,was becoming rough.The  water was bubbling, foaming and sizzling as if it was in a frying pan.
4. How did Tilly save her family and other people?
Ans:-Tilly  started shouting to her parents to clear off the beach .Her parents heeded her .They all took shelter in the hotel and were saved.

B.Fill in the missing letters:

A.Answer these questions:
1. What is the meaning of being courteous?
And:-Being courteous means being polite to others and treating them with respect.
2. List some words of courtesy.
And:-Words like 'Sorry' ,'tThank You' ,'Please ,'Excuse me' ,' May I ' ,'Pardon', 'Welcome' etc are small words of courtesy.
3. Was Rohit courteous with the old man? Give reasons.
And:-Yes, Rohit was courteous with the old man.He gave a glass of water to drink,few biscuits to eat and a towel to wipe his face.
This shows that courtesy can also be shown through actions.
4. What was the reward of Rohit courtesy?
Ans:-The old man told  Rohit and his father 
that they can  live in his flat and pay the rent on monthly basis.

B.Write ''Yes'' or "No":
C. Unscramble these words of courtesy to form the right words:


Answer these questions:-
1. Write a few lines on forgiveness.
Ans:-Forgiveness is a mental or spiritual process. It means no longer feeling angry at another person ,or at yourself.Forgiveness does not require punishment or restitution.It can make your enemy become your best friend.
2. What was the thief doing in the priest's house?
Ans:-The thief was trying  to tie all the stolen stuff in a cloth so that he could run away with them.
3.what did the priest tell the thief when he saw that the thief was not able to tie the knot?
And:-When the priest saw that the thief was not able to tie the knot then he said,"friend let me help you in tying this knot."
4. What did the thief's mother say to the thief?
Ans:-The thief's mother said, "The priest is a great man. Take all these things back to him and plead for forgiveness."
5. What did the thief promise to the priest?
Ans:-The thief promised to the priest that he would never steal again and lead an honest  life.
Fill in the blanks:-

Tick(✓) the correct answer:-
1. talk to him politely
2. thief
3. ashamed of himself
4. forgave the thief

Date - 12-05-21
Sub- M.Science
Chapter - 3(Non- Violence)

1. Write a few lines on'Non- violence'.
Ans - Non-violence is a peaceful act that spreads love among people and teaches them to live in harmony.
2.Write about the giant's garden,before the giant saw the children.
Ans - The giant's garden had soft green grass .The garden was full of beautiful flowers.There were many peach trees that bloomed in spring and autumn.Birds sat on the tree and sang so sweetly.
3.After the children ran away,what happened to the giant's gaeden?
Ans- When children ran away from the giant's garden,spring season arrived all over the country but in giant's garden it was still winter.Niether there were flowers nor birds.
4.What happened to the garden,after the children come back?
Ans- When the children come back the trees were so glad to have children back,that they were covered with flowers.The birds started chirping around the garden again.

B.Unscramble these words to form the correct words.

Date - 13-04-21
Class- 3
Sub - M.Science
Chapter - 2(A Good Citizen)

A.Answer these question:
1.Who is good citizen?Write a paragraph.
Ans- About a good citizen:
A good citizen one who
a)Loves and respect others
b)Helps those who do not help themselves.
c)Listens to the views of the others.
d)Think about the country and the countrymen.
e)Cares for the environment
f)Works hard and is well manered.
2.Write a few lines about Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar.
Ans- Ishwar Chandra believed in 'simple living and right thinking'.He was a wise man established many school for boys and girls.
3.The young office could not carry his suitcase.Why?
Ans- It is because he thought that as he was a educated man,it was beyond his dignity to carry a suitcase.
4.How did Vidyasagar help the young officer?
Ans- Vidyasagar helped the young officer by carrying his suitcase to its desired destination.
5.What do you learn from the Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar?
Ans- We learn from the Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar is-
a)Be a good citizen of our country.
b)Depend on yourself and not to others.
c)Lead a selfless life.

B.Fill in the blanks:
1.A good citizen is one who loves and respects others.
2.A good citizen works hard and is well-Mannered.
3.Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was a wise man.
4.There is no shame in doing your own work.
5.The mark of education is humility and not pride.

Date - 31-03-31
Class- 3
Sub- M.Science
Chapter - 1(Remembering of God)
A.Answer these questions.
1.What are the gifts of God?
Ans- The stars,moon,sun,clouds,birds,animals,trees,flowers etc.are the gifts of God.The world is the most precious gift of God.
2.Where is God?
Ans-God is present everywhere and in everything.
3.Who was Tansen?
Ans- Tansen was the great singer of Akbar's kingdom.
4.Where did Guru Haridas live?
Ans- Guru Haridas lived on the banks of river Yamuna.
5.What happened at Guru Haridas' hut?
Ans-After listening to the old man's song, the emperor moved into trars.
6.Who was the better singer,Swami Haridas or Tansen?Why?
Ans- Swami Haridas was a better singer because he used to sing for God.
7.What do you understand from the story,"The Music of Devotion"?
Ans-Nothing can match,what we offer to God from the bottom of the heart.
B.Match the columns.
1.Where there is hatred - Let me bring love
2.Where there is dissent -  Let me bring harmony
3.Where there is derpair - Let me bring hope
4.Where there are shadows - Let me bring light
5.Where there is sadness - Let me bring joy
C.Fill in the blanks using the following words.
1.If you have faith in God,you do your  work sincerely.
2.Think about all the good things that God has given you.
3.God is present everywhere.
4.Though we cannot see God,we can talk to Him through the prayers.
5.Emperor Akbar,as usual,was in disguise.
6.Swami Haridas' hut was situated on the banks of river Yamuna.
7.Nothing can match,what we offer to God from the bottom of the heart.
D.Write'Yes' or ' No':
1.You cannot show your devotion towards God.( No)
2.God has given you many good things.( Yes)
3.The world is the most precious gift of the God.( Yes )
4.Tansen was an emperor.( No)
5.Swami Haridas was a very good dancer.( No)
6.Tansen was a better singer than Swami Haridas.( No)