Current Affairs

Date - 7/09/2021


11.Where is the National Forensic Science University located in India?

And.  Ahmedabad

12.With reference to Covid what is Swabseq, that was making news recently?

And. Testing platform

13.Which country  found   world's  third - largest diamond?


14.How many team will join the Men's T 20

world cup from 2024?

Ans. 20 teams

15.Deepak Kumar won the silver medal in - category at 72nd strands memorial Tournament?

Ans. 52 kg

16.Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) 70th anniversary celebrations marked on which date?

Ans.March 2, 2021

17.Who became the new Prime Minister of Lebanon?

Ans. Najib Makati

18.World's largest star sapphire cluster found in which country?

Ans.Sri Lanka

19. 53rd death anniversary of 'Pandit Deendayal Upadhyaya' observed   as  which  day?

Ans.Samarpan Diwas

20.Private Banking company 'Federal Bank ' launch   which special  saving account scheme for children below 18 years of age?

Ans.Feb.First Saving Account Scheme

21. 'Shivam Sahakari Bank' belongs to which Indian state as   RBI  cancelled license  of this bank?

Ans. Maharashtra

22.Which north Indian state will provide free books to scheduled caste college students?


23.Which country to allow transgender persons to serve in Military roles?

Ans.United States of America

24. Which tableau won the first prize  in the Republic Day parade 2021 of India?

Ans.Ram Temple tableau of Utter Pradesh

25.To guide farmers in adopting best farming practices and enhancing productivity  which insurance company launched a new app called 'Kristi Sakha'?

Ans.Bharti Axa General Insurance Company

26.India to which  neighbouring country sent 1 million does of a covid vaccine as a gift under the vaccine Maitri initiative?


27.How many Olympic medals did India win in Olympics  2020.

Ans. 7

28.How many individual gold medals have India won till date.

Ans. 2

29.Which Indian athlete  won   gold medal in  Olympic   2020   and  in which sport?


Ans. Neeraj Chopra for javelin throw.

30.Which Indian woman athlete has won two Olympic medals in two consecutive olympic games.

Ans. PV Sindhu

31.Name the movie released in 2021 which was a tribute for Kargil war Hero Captain Vikram Batra.

Ans. Shershaah.

32.Name of the Afghanistan president who step down after the control of Taliban.

Ans. Ashraf Ghani

33.Who is the sponsor for  Indian hockey team  for  coming years?

Ans. Odisha

34.Name the club lionel Messi signed after leaving Barcelona?

Ans. Paris St  German.

35.Which movie won the academy award for best picture.

Ans. Nomadland

36.Who won the academy award for best director?

Ans. Chloe Zhao

37.National Road safety month 2021 Organized from which date in India?

Ans. January 18 to Feb 17,2021.

38.Who has been appointed as the Chairman of Somnath Temple Trust in Gujarat?

Ans. Prime Minister of Shri Narendra Modi

39.A new strain of SARS cov-2 first found  in which country?

Ans. Untied  Kingdom.

40.Which country is going to  launch   world first wood - based satellite in 2023?

Ans. Japan.

Ch - 22

Topic - Earth Day

Date - 28 / 08/ 2021


Answer these questions.

1.What helps in making the Earth green ?

Ans. Planting a tree.

2.What save the Earth from pollution ?

Ans. Using a bicycle  to move.

3.What helps to decrease non - biodegradable pollutants ?

Ans. Avoiding the use of plastic.

4.What prevents others from buying new things ?

Ans. Giving old things to the needy.

5.Where do you spend more time to save it ?

Ans. Spending time in the lap of nature.

6.How do you save electricity ?

Ans. Switching off lights when not needed.



Ch - 23

Topic - Lost cities of the world

Date - 28 / 08/ 2021


Answer these questions.

1.Which city was destroyed by Spanish conquest in 1572 CE?

Ans. Machu Picchu

2.Which city was destroyed by an earthquake in 663 CE ?

Ans. Petra

3.Which city was destroyed by volcanic eruption in 79 CE ?

Ans. Pompeii

4.Which city was abandoned due to economic crisis in 7th century CE


5.Which city was destroyed due to war in 7th century CE ?

Ans. Babylon

6.Which city was destroyed due to war in 16 th century CE ?

Ans. Vijyanagar

7.Which city was destroyed by Spanish invaders in 1200 CE ?

Ans.Chichen Itza

8.Which city was destroyed due to war in 500 CE ?

Ans. Troy

Ch -20

Topic - Voyages

Date - 17/08/2021


Write the names of the places marked on the maps that they passed through during their voyages.


2 .Strait of Magellan


4.Spice Island

5.Lisbon (portugal )

6.Cape Verde Island

7.Cape of Good

Ch - 19

Topic - Scienventions

Date - 17 / 08 /2021


Write the following inventors name.

Inventions.                     Inventors

1.Atomic bomb.          a) J Robert Oppenheimer

2.Burglar alarm. -       b)Edwin T Holmes

3.Audio cassette -      c)Philips Co.

4.Cinema.   -               d)Auguste and Louis Lumiere

5.Dynamo. -               e)Michael Faraday

6.Electric motor (AC) -        f)Nikola Tesla

7.Electroplating.   -        g) Luigi Brugnatelli

8.Film( talking )    -         h) J Engl, J Mussolle and H vogt.    

9.Floppy disk. -              i)IBM

10.Frozen food -            j)Clarence Birdseye

11.Safety elevator. -      k)Elisa G  Otis

12.Loudspeaker.  -         L)Peter L Jensen

13.Microphone -            M)Emile Berliner

14. Pencil -                    N) Jacques- Nicolas Conte

15.Piano.  -                    o)Cristofori

16.Printing press -          p)Johannes Gutenberg

17.Rayon ( artificial silk )  -  q)Georges Audemars

18.Steel. -                      r)Henry Bessemer

19. Steam engine -        s)James Watt

20.Television. ( electronic ) -  t)PT Farnsworth


Ch - 21

Topic - Human - made Lakes

Date - 17/08/2021


Name the following human - made lakes from the countries they are located.

1.It is the largest human - made lake in the world. ( 180 km3 of water )

Ans -Lake Kariba

Between Zambia and Zimbabwe

2.The dam can hold 148 cubic kilometres of water.

Ans -  Volta  Reservoir

Ghana, Africa

3.This dam can hold 142 cubic kilometres of water.

Ans. Manicouagan Reservoir


4.This dam can hold 138 cubic kilometres of water.

Ans. Lake Guri

Bolivar state, Venezuela

5. This lake can hold 132 cubic kilometres of water.

Ans. Lake Nasser


6.This dam can hold about 74 cubic kilometres of water

Ans. Williston Lake

Columbia, Canada

7.This dam can  hold about 73 cubic kilometres of water.

Ch - 17

Topic - We Are The Best

Date - 6/08/2021


Write the following authors books name.

1.Anita Desai

a)The village by the Sea

b)Clear Light Of Day

c)In Custody

2.Raja Rao

a)The Serpent And The Rose


c)The Policeman And The Rose

3. Kushwant  Singh

a)Train to Pakistan

b)A History of Sikhs

c) I Shall Not Hear The Nightingale

4.Amitav Ghosh

a) The Shadow Lines

b)The Calcutta Chromosome

c)The Circle Of Reason





6.Kuldip Nayar

a)The Judgement

b) Between The Lines

c)Distant Neighbours



Ch- 18

Topic - Unique Hotels

Date - 6/08/2021


Write the most unique and amazing hotels of the world.

1.This hotel looks like a red garden in the middle of the lake. Its bedroom is located

three metres below the lake and can be reached by ladder. There are windows all around to view fishes.Above water is a small deck to relax and a row boat to sail on the lake.

Ans.Utter Inn

Lake Malaren,Sweden

2.This hotel is located with a view of Mt Kilimanjaro. The giraffes were shifted to this area after the loss of their natural habitat.While staying in this hotel, you will have the opportunity to feed the giraffes with your hands from your room's window.You can also take their pictures.

Ans. The Giraffe Manor

Nairobi, Kenya

3.The unique 60 room hotel is for those who love books and learning. The ten floors

are set according to different themes of books like Art, philosophy and Maths. Each floor has a theme and each room has books on that theme.

Ans. The library Hotel

Manhattan, New York.

4.The hotel is the perfect place for car lovers .It offers car themed rooms.The whole hote,l from reception to the restaurant, features cars and the beds look like the continuation of a road or a car.

Ans. V-8 Hotel


5. This unique hotel is entirely made of ice. Every year,this hotel is redesigned and rebuilt with 500 tons of ice and 30,000 tons of snow.It opens from January 7 to March 27, each year.

Ans. Hotel de Glace


Ch- 16

Topic- Yoga

Date - 4/08/2021


Read the descriptions and tick the correct asanas.

1.It is sitting with crossed legs in such a way that feet should touch the opposite thighs, while hands are on knees and back should be straight.

a) Anantasana



2.In this  asana ,  sit with extended legs , pull one leg near the ear with the help of your hand while holding the other leg with the other hand.


b)Akarna Dhanurasana√


3.In this asana, sit with extended legs , try to touch the forehead to the knees while holding the feet with hands.




4.It is sitting in a crossed leg position,one leg is placed over the other so that  the foot touches the opposite hip joint while looking back, one hand rests on the leg and other supports the position.


a)Ardha Chandrasana

b) Ardha  Matsyendrasna √


Ch - 14

Topic - Indian Handicrafts

Date - 31 / 07/ 2021


Tick the correct  options.

1.It is a method of painting with natural dyes on cotton or silk fabric with a bamboo pen or kalam . Natural colours are prepared by mixing parts of the plants like roots, leaves and stems along with mineral salts.


b) Chikankari

c)Kalamkari √

2.It is a method of tying and dyeing cotton and silk cloths.The main colours used are yellow,red,green and black.They are dyed

in natural colours.

a)Bandhani √

b) Chikankari

c) Madhubani

3. It is a traditional embroidery style from Lucknow.It began as a type of white -on- white embroidery.It is appreciated all over the world for its amazing look.




4.It is a method of making pottery and sculptures with clay.It has a colour that is a mixture of orange and brown.


b) Chikankari


5.This style of Indian painting is done on various mediums such as cloth, canvas and hand - made paper.



c)Madhubani √


Ch - 15

Topic - Poisonous Animals InThe World

Date - 31/07/2021


Answer the questions.

1.Which is the world's most poisonous fish?

Ans. Pufferfish.

2.Which is the world's most poisonous animal?

Ans. Golden poison dart frog

3. Which is the world's most poisonous lizard?

Ans. Gila monster.

4.Which is the most venomous snake?

Ans. Indian taipan.

5. Which is the most poisonous eight - handed animal?

Ans. Blue - ringed octopus.

6.Which is the world's most poisonous snail?

Ans. Marbled cone snail.

7.Which is the world's most poisonous insect?

Ans. Death stalker scorpion.

8.Which is the world's most venomous animal?

Ans. Box jellyfish

9.Which is the most venomous fish?


Ch - 12

Topic - Medico - Leaves


Choice the correct answers.

1.Tulsi leaves help cure

  1. Chronic cold

  2. Mumps

Ans - a) Chronic cold

2.The leaves of this plant cure eye - problems



Ans -b) Mango

3.Neem leaves help cure


b)athlete's foot

Ans -b) athlete's foot

4.Mustard leaves help cure



Ans -a) Mumps

5.Tamarind leaves help cure



Ans - Piles

6.The leaves of this plant cure fungal infections.



Ans -Neem

7.Drumstick leaves help cure


b)Skin ulcer

Ans -Asthma

8.Castor oil leaves help cure

a)Cough and cold

b)Skin ulcer

Ans -Skin ulcer

9.Cashew leaves help cure


b) Piles

Ans - Tuberculosis

10.Bitter-guard leaves help cure

a)Sore throat


Ans - Diarrhoea

11.Sarsaparilla leaves help cure

 a) Rheumatic arthritis


Ans - Rheumatic arthritis

12.Marigold leaves help cure

  1. Sore throat

  2. Eczema

Ans - Sore throat

13.Betel leaves help cure

a)Cough and cold


Ans -Cough and cold

14.Balsam leaves help cure



Ans -Leprosy

15.Cinnamon leaves help cure


b)Fungal infections

Ans -Influenza

16.Cabbage leaves help cure


b)Night blindness

Ans -Inflammations

Current Affairs

Date - 12 / 05 / 2021


1.Who is the new DC of Deoghar ?

Ans - Shri Manjunath Bhajantri

2.Who is the education minister of Jharkhand ?

Ans - Jagarnath Mahto

3.Who is the governor of Jharkhand ?

Ans - Draupati Murmu

4.Which doctor has launched multimedia Guide ' COVID KATHA '

Ans - Dr. Harsh Vardhan

5.On which day world Asthma day (1st Tuesday of May ) is observed ?

Ans - 5 May

6.Who has become the first Hindu pilot of Pakistan Air Force ?

Ans -Rahul Dev

7.Recently Tennis player Youssef Hussan Get life time band from the Tennis Integrity unit , he is from which  country ?

Ans - Egypt

8.Which bank has been appointed as the principal operations coordination's specialist in Asian Development Bank ?

Ans - Nilaya Mitash

9.Which country announced to launch first satellite to monitor Arctic climate in 2020 ?

Ans - Russia

10.Which bank has released a song ' Ham haar Nahi Maanenge '

Ans - HDFC Bank released in 2020.

Ch - 9

Topic - Space Family

Date - 5 / 05 / 2021


Fill in the blanks.

1.Milky Way galaxy







Ch - 10

Topic - Unitology

Date - 5 / 05 / 2021


Write the multiple choise  questions.

1.Electric current.

© Ampere

2.Quantity of heat

(b) calorie

3.Electric charge

( a) coulomb

4.Intensity of sound

(d) Decibel




  1. Horsepower

7.Speed of ship and aircraft

  1. Knot

8.Distance ( in universe )

(c)Light year

9.Distance ( in navigation)

(a) Nautical Mile

10.Electrical resistance

(b) Ohm

11.Electric potential

(a) volt

12.Luminous intensity

(d) candela

Ch - 8

Topic - Discovery Of Penicillin That Changed The World Of Medicine

Date - 28 / 04 / 2021


Answer these questions.

1.Who discovered the penicillin?

Ans - Dr. Alexander Fleming discovered the penicillin.

2.Where was Fleming investigating?

Ans - Dr. Alexander Fleming was investigating St Mary ' s Hospital London.

3.When did penicillin was found?

Ans - Penicillin was found on 7th March 1929.

4.Who examined the substances capable of fighting bacteria?

Ans - Dr Howard Walter Florey and Dr Ernst Boris Chain examined the substances capable of fighting bacteria.

5.Who all were awarded for the Nobel prize in medicine in 1945 for the great discovery of penicillin?

Ans - Dr Alexander Fleming, Dr Howard Walter Florey and Dr Ernst Boris Chain were awarded for the nobel prize in medicine in 1945 for the great discovery of penicillin.

Ch - 5

Topic - Our Constitution

Date - 7 / 04 / 2021



Fill in the blanks.

1.We are independent and free and no other country can interfere in our affairs.We are free to make our own laws.We are a sovereign  nation.

2.We have the power to elect our representatives to  govern the country.We are called a democratic .

3.Ours is a country,where the head of the state is not a hereditary ruler.We are called a republic.

4.Our government aims to remove all social and economic inequalities.We are called socialist.

5.India is probably the only country in the world where eight major religion are practiced.Every citizen is given the right to follow his/her own religion.We all respect one another 's method of worship,customs and practices.We are called a secular.



Write and learn ch 5



Ch - 6

Topic - Country,Capital And Currency



Country.             Capital.          Currency

a)Bangladesh.   1.  Dhaka.      1.Taka

b)China.             2.Beijing.        2.Yuan

c)Italy.                3.Rome.          3.Eura

d) Canada.         4.Ottawa.  4.Canadian


e)Japan.            5.Tokyo        5.Yen

f.)Belgium.         6.Brussels.   6.Euro

g)New Zealand. 7.Wellington. 7.New

                                          Zealand Dollar

h)Russia.            8.Moscow.      8.Rouble

i) Switzerland.    9.Berne.         9.Swiss


J)Thailand.       10.Bangkok.    11.Baht





Write and learn ch 6

Ch - 1

Topic - Seven Amazing World Superlatives

Date - 24 / 03 / 2021


Answer the  following questions.

1.Which is the hottest place on the earth?

Ans - Death valley, USA

2.Which is the largest river in world by volume?

Ans - Amazon, south America

3.Which is the  world's highest  uninterrupted waterfall?

Ans - Angel Falls,Venezuela

4.Which is the world 's highest mountain peak?

Ans - Mt Everest, Nepal

5.Which is the world ' s driest place?

Ans - Atacama Desert,Chile

6.Which is the oldest and deepest lake in the world?

Ans -Lake Baikal,Siberia

7.Which is the largest lake in the world?

Ans - Caspian Sea, Russia




Ch - 2

Topic - Knowing cities of the world


Match the countries with their cities

Countries.                         Cities

1.Japan.                           a)Tokyo

2.South korea.                   b)Seoul

3.China.                             c)Shanghai

4.United states of America d)New york city

5.North America.                 e)Mexico city

6.India.                                 f)Mumbai

7.United kingdom.                g)London

8.Australia.                            h)Sydney

9.New zealand.                      i)Auckland






Ch - 3

Topic - Unusual Animals


Answer the questions.

1.Which animal is completely blind and it has extraordinary sense of using chemical and electrical signals in its  brain?

Ans -Olm

2.Which strange  animal has a snake -like front and it has the ability to change colours?

Ans - Snake caterpillar

3.Which animal has three hearts and a beak  like parrot it produces poisonous saliva?

Ans - Blanket Octopus

4.Which lazy fish is found in Australia?

Ans - Leafy sea dragon

5.Which animal looks like a decaying leaf?

Ans -Satanic leaf tailed gecko

6.Which animal has a very long neck that support its jaws having poisonous fang?

Ans - Assassin spider

7.Which animal has transparent skin?

Ans - Glass frog

8.Which animal hair that look like wings.It is colour blind and spends whole life in darkness?

Ans - Hairy crab



Write and byheart ch1,2 and 3.