Chapter-10(The Ant and the Grasshopper)
A.Answer these question.
1.Who was singing in the summer?
Ans-Grasshopper was singing in the summer.
2.What was Ant doing?
Ans-Ant was storing food for cold winter.
3.What did Ant tell Grasshopper to do?
Ans-Ant told Grasshopper to store food for cold winter.
4.Why did Grasshopper have no food?
Ans-Grasshopper did not have food because he was not storing food in summer.
5.Who helped Grasshopper?How?
Ans-Ant helped Grasshopper.
                   Ant gave a few crumbs to Grasshopper.
6.What did Grasshopper do when summer came?
Ans-When summer came Grasshopper worked hard to store food for next winter.
B.Match the columns.
1.In the summer,Grasshopper --- sang and danced and did not work.
2.In the summer,Ant --- worked hard to store food for the winter.
3.In the winter,Grasshopper --- was sad and hungry.
4.In the winter,Ant -- had enough food to eat. the action words.
1.The cow eats grass.
Ans- eats
2.Grandpa sits on a chair.
3.We run in the field.
Ans- run
4.Ravi catches the ball.
Ans- catches
5.Jill listens to music.
Ans- listens
B.Write the correct word.
1.Rina drinks lime juice.
2.Ali and Mani play Ludo.
3.I write sentences.
4.They read a book.
5.The Sun shines in the Sky.

A.Match the columns.
1.Sunday - The sky was clear
2.Monday - The day was bright and sunny.
3.Tuesday - The sky was blue.
4.Wednesday - It was a hot day.
5.Thursday - There were white clouds in the sky.
6.Friday - There were dark clouds in the sky.
7.Saturday - It was a rainy day.
B.Complete these sentences.
1.Manu's parents got him a red raincoat.
2.Manu went for a picnic on Thursday.
3.Many heard the sound of thunder on Saturday.
4.He ran out without his raincoat.
A.Say who or what the word in colour is about.
1.My name is Maya.I am in class1.
I= Maya
2.Hello,Ravi.You are late.
You= Ravi
3.Pinky and I are friends.We play together.
We = Pinky and I
4.Tim, you sing very well.
   You = Tim
5.I am Ruth. I like to draw and color.
I = Ruth
Complete these sentences with the correct words.
1.----- are very polite.(I/you)
2.My name is Anil.---- I am in class1.(I/We)
3.---- are a good boy.(you/I)
4.Tony is my brother.---- are readireading a book together.(We/I)
5.Saba,---- can sit here.(it/you)

Class 1
English 2
Chapter 8 ( Poppet) 

A. Answer these questions:
1. What did Poppet not know when he was born?
Ans- Poppet didnot know that he was an animal.
2. What did Poppet see when he looked up?
Ans- When he looked up he saw large bodies with heads and ears.
3. What kind of elephants were they?
Ans- They were African Elephants.
4. Why did Poppet look puzzled?
Ans- Poppet looked puzzled  because he was very little and others were enormous.
5. Why did Poppet's aunts laugh?
Ans- Poppet's Aunt laughed because he asked if he would become as large as them the next day. 

B. Who said these words?
1. Isn't he a poppet?
Ans- Poppet's Aunt
2. Hello, baby! I'm your Ma, and your name is Poppet.
Ans- Ooma
3.  We can't be the same animal.
Ans- Poppet
4. You may even be Larger one day.
Ans- Ooma

Date -13/08/2021



Chapter-Poem (The Engine Driver)


A.Complete these sentences.

1.The train moves along the line.

2.The engine driver stands in front.

3.He can make the train run.

4.He takes the train out of the town.

5.The train travels across bridges.

Find the rhyming words in the poem.

1.line and mine

2.front and shunt and down

4.lea and sea

Match these people to the work they do.

1.postman.     -bring letters

2-nurse.           – helps the doctor

3.teacher.         – teaches students

4.tailor.              – makes clothes

5.driver.              – drives a car

Date - 31-07-21
Chapter - Clouds (Poem)
A.Answer these question.
1.What are White sheep?
Ans- Clouds are the white sheep.
2.What is the blue hill?
Ans- Sky is the blue hill.
B.Answer these question.
1.When do the clouds stand still?
Ans- When the winds stops the clouds stand still.
2.Why do the clouds move away?
Ans-The clouds move away when the wind blows.
Find the rhyming words in the poem.
1.hill and still
2.slow and go
Find words in the poem.
1.two colours - white , blue animal - Sheep
3.the opposite of fast - slow
4.the opposite of come - go
5.the opposite of sit - stand




Chapter-6(Yay-Gung Loves Dragons) A.Answer these question.

1.What does Yay-Gung love?

Ans-Yay-Gung loved dragon.

2.What did Yay-Gung want to count?

Ans-Yay-Gung wanted to count the bumps on a dragon’s tail.

3.Who heard about Yay-Gung’s wish?

Ans-A real dragon heard about Yay-Gung’s wish.

4.Why was Yay-Gung afraid?

Ans-Yay-Gung was afraid because he saw a very big dragon.

5.Does Yay-Gung still love dragon?

Ans-Yes,Yay-Gung still loves dragons.

B.Complete these sentences.(Question you write yourself)







Put the word together to make one word.




4-tooth +paste=toothpaste



Being each sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop (.).

1.The Sun shines brightly.

2.He is my friend.

3.There are five apples.

4.She goes to park.

5.This is a nice dress.





A.Answer these question.

1-Who has a problem?

Ans-A family of mice had a problem.

2-What is the problem?

Ans-A big brown cat chase them everyone.

3-Why can’t the mice run away?

The mice can’t ran away because the cat came so quietly.

4-What was the wonderful plan?

Ans-The wonderful plan was to tie a bell  around the cat’s neck.

5-What does the old mouse ask?

Ans-The old mouse asked who will tie the bell on the cat. B.Write’true’or’false’.





Write the animals sound.

Bird   -  chirp

Cat.  -  mew

Tiger  -  roar

Goat. – bleat

Cow. – moo

Horse. – neigh

Snake.  -  hiss

Write four sentences about a rabbit.

1-The rabbit is small animal.

2-It has soft fur.

3-It eats plant.

4-It lives in a burrow.

Add the missing double letters.







7-dinner 8-carrot 

(H.W.-write this in c.w. copy and learn chapter5)

Date 29/04/2021

Standard 1

Subject English 2

Chapter 4 ( walk with Grandpa bracket ) Comprehension

  1. complete the puzzle.

    1. Mira see the green grass.

    2. Mira sees White clouds in the Sky.

    3. She points at a red bird.

    4. The Sky is blue.

    5. She sees a brown cat.

    6. Grandpa buys a pink ice-cream for Mira.



B.Who said these words?

  1. Tell me what colours you can see.


  1. The clouds are white.


  1. Cheep!Cheep!

Ans-the red bird

  1. There are five kittens near the cat.

Ans-Mira Grammar

A-Underline the describing words.

  1. Annie is a tall girl.


  1. I see a funny clown. 3)Rishi wears a blue shirt.

4)This book has pretty pictures. 5)This is a tasty dish.

B.Choose the correct words to complete these sentences 1)Rimi has long hair.(tall/long)

2)Father buys juicy apples from the market.(juicy/short) 3)Grandpa like a hot tea.(hot/soft)

4)Tom hears a loud noise.(cold/loud) 5)This is a long rope.(long/sharp)


Look at the picture and write the words.(Do in book) 1)walk

2)swim 3)crawl 4)run 5)jump


(H.w.Read chapter-4 and write all this in C.W.copy and learn chapter-4)

Date - 24-04-21
Class - 1
Sub - English2
Chapter - 3(Billy Gets a Bath)

Answer these questions.
1.Who is Billy?
Ans- Billy is a leopard cub.
2.Where does Billy live?
Ans- Billy lived in a Zoo.
3.What does Mother want to do?
Ans- Mother wanted to give Billy a bath.
4.Is the tree stump soft and squishy?
Ans- No,the tree stump was too hard.
5.Why does Billy need a bath?
Ans- Billy needed a bath because he rolled in the mud.

B.Put these phrases in the correct order.
a.lies down on the grass ( 3)
b.needs a bath ( 5)
c.lies down on a big rock ( 1)
d.rolls in the mud ( 4)
e.sits on the stump of a tree ( 2)

A.Add -s to make than one. - stars
2.pen - pens
3.bag - bags
4.girl - girls - shops
6.egg - eggs

Match these animals to the names of their young ones.
1.hen - chick - kitten - duckling
4.cow - calf
5.lion - cub - foal

Put these words in the correct order to form sentences.
Billy lives in a zoo.
He plays with her mother.
3.want/does not/bath./a/He
He does not want a bath.
Billy rolls in the mud.
His mother licks him.

Date - 12-04-21
Class- 1
Sub - English2
Chapter - poem ( Little Rabbit)

             Little Rabbit
I saw a little rabbit go hop,hop,hop.
I saw his little ears go flop,flop,flop.
I saw his little eyes go blink,blink,blink.
I saw his little nose go twink,twink,twink.
I said Mr Rabbit,why don't you stay?
But he looked at me and hopped away.

A.Choose the correct answer.
1.The little rabbit walks/hops.
Ans - hops
2.The rabbit blinks/winks his eyes.
Ans- blinks
3.The speaker asked the rabbit to go/stay.
Ans- stay

Find the rhyming words in the poem.
1.hop and flop
2.blink and twink
3.stay and away

Complete these sentences.
1.I hear with my ears.
2.I see with my eyes.
3.I smell with my nose.
4.I taste with my tongue.
5.I touch with my hand.

Date -07-04-21
Class - 1
Sub - English2
Chapter - 2(Chotu and Friends)

A.Say true ( T) or false ( F).
1.Chotu was sad because he did not have any friends. (T)
2.The monkey said he would be Chotu's friend. (F)
3.Chotu was too big to play in the rabbit's burrow. (T)
4.Chotu was scared of the tiger. (F)
5.The animals said 'Thank you' to Chotu for helping them. (T)

B.Who said these words.
1.Will you be my friend.
Ans- Chotu.
2.You can't swing from trees like me.
3.You can't jump in the air like me.
Ans- Frog.
4.I will not let you harm the animals.
Ans- Chotu.

Match the naming words with their special names.
1.girl  - Mala
2.boy. - Ali - Mumbai
4.pencil - Camlin - Little Flower School
6.butter - Amul

Write the opposite words.
1.cold - hot
2.sad - happy
3.fat - thin
4 old - new

Complete these sentences.
1.Chotu is sad.
2.No one wants to be his friend.

3.Chotu makes the tiger run away.
4.The animals say thank you to Chotu.
5.Now he is happy.He has many friends.

Being these words with capital letters.
1.saturday - Saturday
2.november - November
3.sarita kumar - Sarita Kumar
4.taj mahal - Taj Mahal
5.raipur- Raipur
6.rahul singh - Rahul Singh

Date -24-03-21
Class -1
Sub - English2
Chapter - 1(On the Farm)

A.Answer the questions.
1.Who eats the green grass?
Ans- The cow eats green grass.
2.How does the horse run?
Ans- The horse runs very fast.
3.What does the sheep say?
Ans- The sheep says ,''Baaaa".
4.What do the mother duck and her ducklings do?
Ans-The mother duck and her ducklings swim in the pond.
Complete these sentences.
1.The cow is brown.
2.The horse says,"Neigh!"
3.The sheep walks and jumps.
4.The mother duck and her ducklings swim in the pond.

A.Underline the naming words.
1.I eat a banana.
2.This is a chair.
3.Here is a parrot.
4.Here is a spoon.
5.The boy sings
6.This is a park.
Complete the colours name.
Match the following.
1.The cow is --- b.brown.
2.The cow eats --- grass.
3.The horse runs --- d.very fast.
4.The sheep walks --- a.and jumps.
5.The mother duck --- c.swims in the pond.