Ch- 7

Topic -The Elves and the Shoemaker

Date - 4/08/2021


A.Tick the correct option.

1.The shoemaker and his wife were

a)very poor√

b)very rich

2.The queen bought the shoes because

a)They were very costly.

b)They were very beautiful.√

3.The shoemaker and his wife hid behind the curtain.

a) to see who made the shoes.√

b)to learn how to make the shoes.

4.The elves worked

a)very quickly.√

b)very slowly.

5.The shoemaker and his wife.

a)were always helped by the elves.

b)never saw the elves again.√


B.Read the lines and answer the questions.

1.''I will cut out this piece of leather and make the shoes in the morning.''Who said this ?


What happened the next day?

Ans. There were two beautiful shoes ready to be sold.

2The shoemaker and his wife hid themselves in the workshop.Why did they do this?

Ans.To see who is  stitching  the  shoes.

3.''There clothes were old and shabby''.Who said this ?

Ans. The shoemaker's wife.

Whose clothes are they talking about?

Ans. The little elves.

What did they do about it?

Ans. The shoemaker and his wife made some clothes and shoes for them.


A.Complete the sentence with -ly forms of the words in brackets.

1.You must close your water bottle tightly ( tight ).

2.Jai fell off his bicycle .He luckily (lucky) escaped injury.

3.Manu! Will you please speak clearly (clear)?

4.Rekha !Stop screaming so loudly ( loud)!

5.You must cross the road carefully (careful).


B.Match the verbs in column A with the correct adverbs in column B.

  1.                           B

1.Write.                    c.neatly

2.Whisper.                a.softly

3.Run.                       b.quickly

4.Speak.                   e.rudely

5.Smile.                     d.happily


Replace the words in colour with suitable words from the box.

( back and forth, night after night, in a wink, jumped for joy, at the stroke of )

1.The fighting stray cats keep Nitin awake every night.

The fighting stray cats keep Nitin awake night after night .

2.Remember ,we have to shout 'Surprise!' exactly at midnight.

Remember, we have to shout 'Surprise!' at the stroke of midnight.

3.The children were extremely happy when they heard that their grandparents were coming to visit them!

The children jumped for joy when they heard that their grandparents were coming to visit them!

4.Prabha was so excited about getting on a train that she got ready very quickly .

Prabha was so excited about getting on a train that she got ready in a wink .

5.The players kicked the ball between themselves without scoring a goal.

The players kicked the ball back and forth without scoring a goal.






Answer these questions.

1 What did Uddhata do in the day?

Ans. Uddhata carries the clothes in the day.

2.Where did Uddhata go at night?

Ans. Uddhata went to the field at night.

3.Who did Uddhata make friends with?

Ans. Uddhata made friends with jackal.

4.Who hid himself ? Why?

The jackal hid himself because farmers were coming.


Put Commas in the correct places in these sentences.

1.Anita Rakesh Lalita and Poonam went to watch a film together.

Anita,Rakesh,Lalita and Poonam went to watch a film together.

2.What is the name of that small black fish?

What is the name of that small, black  fish.

3.You will need to bring your pencil box a long ruler and an exam pad from tomorrow.

You will need to bring  your pencil box, a long ruler and an exam pad  from tomorrow.

4.Our school will send Rahul Amir Divya and Pooja for the dance competition at Kala Mandir.

Our school will send Rahul,Amir, Divya and Pooja for  the dance competition at Kala Mandir.

5.Sadaf ate an apple two slices of toast and four slices of cheese at breakfast.

Sadaf ate an apple, two slices of toast and four slices of cheese at breakfast.


Topic - Mine

Date - 23/07/21


Word meaning

1.Castle - Large building with high walls and towers.

2.Tunnels - Long passages under the sand.

3.Flowed - Move in a smooth and continuous way like water.

4.Pail - Bucket

5.Floating - Not living permanently in one place.

6.Snatched - Take something with a quick rough movement.

7.Belong to me - A way of saying,It's mine!



A.Complete these sentences.

1.Where is the speaker?

Ans. The speaker is near the beach.

2.What two things belong to the sea?

Ans. Two things belong to the sea are sand castles and sand tunnels.

3.What does the sea try to take from the speaker?

Ans. The sea tries to take a pail the speaker.



Write rhyming words for these words.

1.Sand- Land

2.Dug - Jug

3.Pail - Tail

4.Ran - Pan

Class -  2

Subject  - English 2

Chapter - 6. The dance class


Date - 13/05/21



A.Say true ( T) or false (F).

1.Prakash did not want to go to dance class because he was shy.



2.Prakash hurt himself while trying to jump over the thorny bush .

Ans. False


3.Chotu ,the peachick ,said that Prakash could not dance.



4.Prakash looked up at the sky and saw white clouds.

Ans. False


5.Prakash wanted to dance in the rain.

Ans. True


B.Who said these words ? When?

1.What's that noise?

Ans.Teacher said these words , when he heard Prakash shouting after falling in the thorny bush.


2.What's that ?

Ans.Prakash said these words, when he heard thunder .


3 . How lovely they look !

Ans.Prakash said these words , when he saw the dark purple clouds.


4.You are such a wonderful dancer , Prakash!

Ans.Chotu said these words, when he saw Prakash dancing.


5.So don't be shy any more.

Ans.The teacher said these to Prakash after all the peacocks asked  him to come to the dance class with them.



A.Circle the adjectives in the sentences and say what type they are .Pg 49 ( Answers )

  1. broken - quality

  2. sour.  - taste

  3. blue - colour

  4. round - shape

  5. huge , black - size , colour


B.Complete these sentences with suitable adjectives.

1.The old man sat on his brown chair.

2.Janet put on her red sweater.

3. Maya sat under the tall , green tree to read her book.

4.The small, beautiful kitten played with a round ball of string.

5.The sunlight shone through the big, open windows.



Match the situation in column B to the actions in column A.  Pg 50 ( Answers )

1 - b

2 - c

3 - e

4 - a

5 - d



Do the dictionary work in the rough copy .(Pg 51)

Class - 2

Subject English 2

Chapter - 5.  The Little Pine Tree.


Date  - 05/05/2021




A.Answer these questions.

1.Why was the little pine tree sad?

Ans. The little pine tree was sad because he had long needles not leaves.


2.What happened to the little pine tree's gold leaves?

Ans. A man walking through the forest plucked the little pine tree's  gold leaves.


3. What happened to the little pine tree's glass leaves?

Ans. The little pine tree's glass leaves fell down when a strong wind shook it.


4. What did the goat  do to the little pine tree?

Ans. The goat ate the little pine tree's big green leaves.


5. What kind of leaves did the little pine tree finally wish for?

Ans. The little pine tree finally wished for it's long needles back.


B.Read the lines and answer the questions.


1."But I want better leaves ."Who said these words? What happened after this?

Ans. The little pine tree said these words.  After this , a fairy came by and gave the little tree golden leaves.


2.No other tree was so bright . Which tree is being spoken about here ? Why was it so bright ?

Ans.The little pine tree is being spoken about  here. It was so bright because it's glass leaves were shining.


3."Only long needles are good for me." Who said these words? Why?

Ans. The little pine tree said these words, because when he realised that only long needles suited  him  the best.


Grammar.    Answers


B.Complete the sentences .  Pg 40

  1. herself

  2. myself

  3. ourselves

  4. himself

  5. herself



Vocabulary . Answers


Rewrite these sentences with suitable words from the box . Pg 41 .

1.Mother baked a tasty cake for my birthday.

2.Payal is a friendly  girl . She talks to everyone.

3.My sister is excited about going on a trip with her classmates.

4.Joseph is upset because his friend is moving to another city.

5.There is a huge  pile of newspapers on my desk.



Do pg 39 question C in rough copy and pg 40 question A in the book.

Class -  2

Subject  - English 2

Poem  - The Quarrel


Date.  - 28/04/2021




A. Answer these questions.

1. Who did the speaker quarrel with?

Ans. The speaker quarrelled with her brother.


2. What did they fight about?

Ans. The speaker did  not know what they fight about.


3. How did the fight affect the speaker?

Ans. The speaker was very sad  on that afternoon because of the fight.


4.Who said sorry first ?

Ans. The speaker's  brother said sorry first.


Enjoying the poem

Write one more rhyming word for these  pairs.  another    other

2.slight.   right         night

3.strong  wrong      long     back       pack



Write the opposite of these words.

1.strong  × weak

2.right.    × wrong   × white



Write the notes in English 2 copy and learn the poem from pg 35.

Class - 2

Subject - English 2

Chapter - 4 . Hasmina's Kite


Date - 24/04/2021




A. Say true  (T) or false (F).


1. Hasmina  and Saif  went with their father to buy toys.  

Ans. False


2. Hasmina and Saif went to the playground to fly their kites .  

Ans. False


3.Hasmina and Saif were afraid of Sharmaji , their neighbour.



4.The tall boy from Skyline Apartments had a black kite.

Ans. True


5.The tall boy's kite cut Hasmina's kite.



B.Read the lines and answer the questions.


1."You can go to the roof of our apartment building." Who was going to the roof? Why ?

Ans.Hasmina and Saif were going to the roof to fly their kites.


2."I'll cut down your kite ." Who said these words to whom ?

Ans.The tall boy from Skyline Apartments said these words to Saif.


3."Go away !" Who said these words ? When?

Ans.Saif said these words when the tall boy said he would cut down his kite.


4."I'm good at flying kites." Who is good at flying kites ?Why is this important?

Ans.Sharmaji is good at flying kites .This is important because he helped Hasmina and Saif to fly their kites and to cut down the black kite.


5."Pull!" Who said these words to whom ? When did they say this ?

Ans.Sharmaji said these words  to Hasmina when the black kite came very close to Hasmina's kite.



Grammar   ( Answers) write the questions from pg 31.



  1. James

  2. parents

  3. Kirti

  4. clock

  5. Snowy


B. Complete these sentences with the correct words.

1. Father is not feeling well.Will you take him  to the hospital ?


2.Neel and Samarth are in the library . Please call them.


3.Mishel is sleeping . Don't disturb her.


4.My grandparents live in Kolkata. I will visit them in the summer.


5. Alia is a new student  .Let us talk to her.



Rewrite these  sentences with the opposite of the words in colour.  (Answers)


1. Please give me a glass of warm  water.

2. Neha's old  uniform is torn.

3. The biscuit tin is on a low  shelf.

4. I carried a very heavy  box up the stairs.

5.This glass of lemonade is very sweet.

6.I am reading a very thick  book.






Use exclamation marks (!) Or full stops (.) at the ends of these sentences.


1.I played cricket for the first time today!

2.What a beautiful flower!

3.My sister can play the piano.

4.Don't trouble your mother!

5.Karan can climb trees.



Write  the given notes in English 2 copy and do pg 34 (Writing) in the book.

Class - 2

Subject.  - English 2

Chapter  - 3   The Colours of Friendship.


Date - 17/04/2021




A.There are seven colours in the story .What does each colour stand for ?Use the given phrases to complete the table.   (Pg 22)


Colours.   -   Meaning


1.Green   - life

2. Blue.    - peace and calm

3.Yellow.  - laughter and warmth

4.Orange - health and strength

5.Red.     - love and bravery

6.Violet.   - power and wisdom

7.Indigo. - silence and prayer


B.Who said these words?

1."Clearly , I am the most important."  _ Green


2."Without me, there would be no fun in the world."

 _ Yellow


3."When I fill the sky at sunrise or sunset , no one thinks of any of you ." _   Orange


4."Kings , chiefs and bishops have always

chosen me ….."_ Violet


5. "Each of you will be different and beautiful in your own way ." _ . Rain




A.Look at the pictures and write their plurals.(Pg23,24)


         Singular.    Plurals

  1. Swing.    - swings

  2. Fox.        - foxes

  3. Match.    - matches

  4. Baby.      - babies

  5. Book.     - books

  6. Leaf.      - leaves

  7. Butterfly  - butterflies

  8. Table.      - tables



B.Sort the words in the box into the correct columns. (Pg 24)



  1. Son

  2. Brother

  3. Nephew



  1. Niece

  2. Sister

  3. Daughter



  1. Patient

  2. Child

  3. Doctor

  4. Singer



  1. Sea

  2. Bat

  3. Book

  4. Pen

  5. Bus

  6. Leaf

  7. Road


Vocabulary.  ( Answers )

Write the passage from pg 25.


 Read this passage . Underline the compound words.

Playtime, classroom, outside, playground, football, dustbins, goalposts, sometimes, board - games, everyone.





Write the given notes in English 2 copy and learn.

Class - 2

Subject  - English 2

Poem -  Fireflies


Date - 12/04/2021




A. Answer these questions.


1. Why does the speaker like the summer night?

Ans. The speaker likes  the summer night because of  the fireflies that  burn their golden light.


2. In what places can the speaker see fireflies?

Ans. The speaker can see the fireflies flying  in the air, in her apple tree and on the grass.


3. What does the speaker think would 'be lots of fun '?

Ans.The speaker thinks it would be lots of  fun , if she could shine in the evening too.


Find the rhyming words from the poem.


1.burn   - turn

2.air.    - there   - fun

4.too   - do




Match the following.


1.warm    - hot

2.sparkle - glitter

3.shine   - glow

4.little      - small



Write the given notes in English 2 copy .


Write the poem " Fireflies"  in English 2 copy from pg 17 and learn .

Class -  2

Subject  - English -2

Chapter - 2.   Like a Bird


Date - 08/04/2021



A. Answer these questions.


1. Who flew the first aeroplane?

Ans.Orville flew the first aeroplane.


2. How long did the first aeroplane fly for ?

Ans.The first aeroplane flew for twelve seconds.


3. What did the Wright brothers do after their first flight?

Ans.The Wright brothers returned home to make their design better.


4.What was different in the second model of the Wright brothers' flyer?

Ans.The second model of the Wright brothers' flyer  flew  for thirty - nine minutes, until it ran out of fuel.


5.How has the Wright brothers' model helped people?

And.The Wright brothers' model helped people to  make better models of aeroplanes, to travel and to move things to far - off places.


B.Read the lines and answer the questions.

1.It looked like a glider.What was ' it'? Describe how it looked.

Ans.It was the first aeroplane .It looked like a glider, made of sticks, wire and canvas.It had a petrol engine and there were two propellers in the front.


2."Let's toss for it ." Who said these words to whom? Why?

And.Orville said these words to Wilbur, when they could not decide who would fly the plane first.


3.It travelled a short distance at the height of a tall bush . What is being talked about here ? What was special about 'it'?

Ans.The Wright brothers' flyer is being talked about  here.It was special because it was the first time someone had flown a plane .



Write the names of the vehicles in the correct columns.


Runs on land

  1. Bicycle

  2. Cart

  3. Train

  4. Van


Sails on water.

  1. Canoe

  2. Ferry

  3. Ship

  4. Jet Ski


Flies in the sky

  1. Glider

  2. Helicopter



H.W .

Write ch -2 in English -2 copy and learn the Q/A.


Do  pg 12 and 13 , question no A and B in the book .   

Class-  2

Subject - English 2

Chapter -1  Jatin is lost


Date - 25/03/21


Comprehension.    ( Pg 4 )


A. Complete these sentences.


1. Jatin's new house was in the city.


2. Jatin is worried because he has no friends in the city.


3. Jatin tells the  driver he cannot remember which floor  his house is on.


4. Neighbours, bus driver and guard came to help find Jatin's house.


5. Jatin's mother thanked  everyone and gave them tea and snacks.



Write passage from pg 6. ( Answers)


A .beach, father,fish, net, crabs, mother, chair, book, sandwiches, shells, shells, ice-cream, home.



Vocabulary. ( Pg 6 and 7 )

1.we go to this place to play with our friends.

Ans .Park


2. We can take books from here or read here quietly.

Ans. Library


3. We go to this place to learn.

Ans. School


4. We go to this place to watch films with our  family and friends.

Ans. Theatre


5. We go to this place when we are ill and  need to see the doctor.

Ans. Hospital


6. We go to this place to send letters.

Ans. Post Office





Write these in English 2 copy.


Do pg 5 question B in English 2 book.