Date — 12/08/2021
Class — III
Subject — English I
Chapter — 16
I)Fill in the blanks. Use up, on, off, out, down or away. 
Yesterday Raj woke up at seven o'clock. It was still dark. He got out and turned on the lights. He put on his shirt and did on the buttons. Then he put on all his clothes, turned off the light in his bedroom and went into the kitchen. Ms Lal poured out a glass of milk for him. After breakfast, he picked up his bag and went to school. At the beginning of the lesson, his teacher said, 'Take out your books, children. Stand up, Raj. Please read out your answers to the first exercise. ' Then she told Raj to sit down. 
At the end of the lesson, the teacher told the children to put away their books and go outside. 

Answer the questions. Use complete sentences. 
a)What time did Raj wake up? 
Ans:Raj woke up at seven o'clock. 
b)Why did he turn on the light? 
Ans:He turned on the light because it was still dark. 
c)Which did he put on first, his shirt or his shocks? 
Ans:He put on his shirt first. 
d)What did Ms Lal pour out for him? 
Ans:Ms Lal poured out a glass of milk for him. 
e)What did he pick up to take to school? 
Ans:He picked up his bag to take to school. 
f)What did his teacher said at the beginning of the lesson? 
Ans:At the beginning of the lesson, his teacher said to take out their books. 
g)Who stood up and read out his answers? 
Ans:Raj stood up and read out his answers. 
h)What did the teacher tell the children to do with their books at the end of the lesson? 
Ans:At the end of the lesson, the teacher told the children to put away their books and go outside. 

2)Make sentences about these pictures. 
(Look the pictures given in your book).
1)A boy us blowing up a balloon. 
2)A boy is holding up his hands. 
3)A labour is digging up the road. 
4)A girl is pinning up a notice. 

3)Change the sentences. Use him, her, it or them. 
a)Pick up your ruler. 
—Pick it up. 
b)Blow up this balloon. 
—Blow it up. 
c)Add up these numbers. 
—Add them up. 
d)The big dog jumped on the little girl. 
—The big dog jumped on her. 
e)The teacher sent away the children.
—The teacher sent them away. 
f)Please put away your books. 
—Please put them away. 
g)Mr Das took off his hat. 
—Mr Das took it off. 
h)The noise woke up Maya. 
—The noise woke up her. 
i)The teacher said, 'Please take out your books.'
—The teacher said, 'Please take them out. 
j)Raj pulled out his handkerchief. 
—Raj pulled it out. 
k)The teacher read out all the names. 
—The teacher read them out. 
l)Raj put on a clean shirt. 
—Raj put it on. 

4)Say these words. 
hut , hurt , bun , burn. 

5)Read aloud. 
ur — hurt , burn, purse, nurse, turn. 
ir— sir, bird, girl, circle, birthday, skirt. 
or— work, word, world, worse, workman. 
er —person, servant, term. 
ear —early, earth, learn. 

6)Revision:Make up four sentences each beginning with the following. 
1)I can see the fire engine going along the street. 
2)I can see the plane landing at the airport .
3)I can hear the radio playing in the next room. 
4)I can hear the birds singing outside the window. 
[Note : You can also make different sentences by yourself ].

7)Put words in the blank spaces. 
Some people tied sheets together to make ropes. They took the sheets off their beds. They reached the ground safely. They felt very thankful. Some people can not climb down. Their windows were far from the ground. 

Which of these sentences are true? Which are false? 
a)Some of the people tied sheets together and climbed down them. 
b)Some of the people could not climb down. 
c)The firemen's ladder could not reach the roof of the hotel. 
d)The firemen's ladders were very long. 
e)The fireman brought some people down. 
f)A few people went to the hospital in ambulances. 
g)All the people in the hotel were hurt. 

Date — 09/08/2021
Class — III
Subject — English I
Chapter — 15
Read the sentences given in your book carefully. 

2)How many sentences can you make? 
[See the information given in your book ].
I)We saw the plane landing at the airport. 
2)We watched the children swimming in the pool. 
3)We felt the wind blowing in from the sea. 
4)We smelt the food cooking in the pot. 
5)We listened to the radio playing in the next room. 
[Note - Make more sentences by yourself ].

3)Make sentences. 
a)We heard Ms Shah. She was singing .
—We heard Ms Shah singing. 
b)We saw Mr Rao. He was taking a photograph. 
—We saw Mr Rao taking a photograph. 
c)I saw some men. They were digging a hole. 
—I saw some men digging a hole. 
d)The policeman watched the children. They were crossing the road. 
—The policeman watched the children crossing the road.
e)I heard someone. He was singing in the next room. 
—I heard someone singing in the next room. 
f)I could smell something. It was burning. 
—I could smell something burning. 
g)I could feel my heart. It was beating. 
—I could feel my heart beating .
h)We heard a kitten. It was crying on the roof. 
—We heard a kitten crying on the roof. 
i)She could hear the children. They were laughing in the next room. 
—She could hear the children laughing in the next room. 
j)The police found a man. He was hiding in a cupboard. 
—The police found a man hiding in the cupboard. 
k)We saw smoke. It was coming out of a window. 
—We saw smoke coming out of a window. 

4)Make sentences about the pictures given in your book. 
1)I can see a child swimming in the pool. 
2)I can see a boy climbing up the ladder. 
3)I can see a chef cooking the food. 
4)I can see two children making drawing. 
5)I can see a boy carrying a gift and some balloons with him. 

5)Say these words. 
bed, bet, beg,  bell, belt, bent,desk, egg, end, help, hen, left, neck, net, next, rest, step, test, very, wet, yes. 

6)Read aloud. 
e — beggar, bedroom, clever, empty, engine, letter, question, remember, sentence, yesterday.
ea— already, bread, breakfast, dead, head, measure, weather, heavy, headmaster, headmistress. 
and — any, many, says, said, friend. 

7)Answer the questions. 
a)Which hotel was on fire? 
Ans:The New Hotel was on fire. 
b)What did Prem want the fireman to do? 
Ans:Prem wanted the fireman to save the people. 
c)What did the fireman tell Prem? 
Ans:The fireman told Prem that someone has already telephoned them about the incident. 
d)Why did the fireman thank Prem? 
Ans:The fireman thanked Prem for informing them about the incident. 
e)Why did the fireman want to know Prem's name? 
Ans:The fireman wanted to know Prem's name so that he can praise Prem's act infront of his headmaster.
f)What could Maya feel? 
Ans—Maya could feel the heat. 
g)What could the children see on the roof? 
Ans—Children could see some people waving their arms and shouting for help. 
h)What did Prem hear? 
Ans:Prem heard the sound of fire engines coming down the street. 
i)How many engines came? 
Ans:A total of three engines came. 
j)Where did the fire engines stop? 
Ans:The fire engines stopped in front of the building.

Date - 4/08/2021
Class - III
Subject - English I
Chapter - 14
1)Read and answer the questions. 
Has Prem climbed the ladder? 
-No, he has just begun to climb. 

Has Mohan climbed the ladder? 
-No, he is climbing now. 

Has Maya climbed the ladder? 
-No, but she has almost climbed. 

Has Anu climbed the ladder? 
-Yes, she has just climbed. 
2)Give replies. 
a)Would you like a sweet? (had one) 
-No, thank you. I've just had one.

b)Would you like the newspaper? (read it) 
-No, thank you. I've just read it. 

c)Would you like some curry? (had some) 
-No, thank you. I've just had some. 

d)Would you like a swim? (had one) 
-No, thank you. I've just had one. 

e)Would you like some new shoes ? (bought one) 
-No, I've just bought one. 

f)Would you like an ice cream? (had one) 
-No, I've just had one. 
3)Give replies.
a)Have you read the newspaper yet? 
-No, but I've almost read it. 

b)Have you written the letter yet? 
-No, but I've almost written it. 

c)Have you done the work yet? 
-No, but I've almost done it. 

d)Have you cleaned the blackboard yet? 
-No, but I've almost cleaned it.

e)Have you finished the exercise yet? 
-No, but I've almost finished it. 

f)Have you drawn the picture yet? 
-No, but I've almost drawn it.
4)Practice this conversation. 
[Note-Practice the conversation skills yourself. Look at the information given in your book ].
5)Read aloud and spell .
6)Answer the questions. 
a)When did Prem and Maya go to Matunga? 
Ans:Prem and Maya went to Matunga last Saturday. 

b)What did they go to Matunga to buy? 
Ans:They went to Matunga to buy some books. 

c)Who wanted to buy a geography book? 
Ans:Maya wanted to buy a geography book. 

d)Where was the group of people? 
Ans:The group of people were standing on the pavement. 

e)What was the large building? 
Ans:The large building was a hotel. 

f)What did Prem see? 
Ans:Prem had seen some smoke.

g)What was on fire? 
Ans:The hotel was on fire. 

h)Where did Prem and Maya go to telephone? 
Ans:Prem and Maya went to book shop to telephone. 

i)Which number did Prem dial? 
Ans:Prem dialled '101'.

j)Which service did Prem want? 
Ans:Prem wanted Fire service. 

Date — 29/07/2021
Class — III
Subject — English I
Chapter — 13
I)Read these sentences and practice the same conversation. 
a)Mr Ali has gone to Lucknow. 
Q:May I speak to Mr Ali, please? 
A:I'm sorry. He is not here. He's gone to Lucknow. 
b)Ms Rao has gone to Chennai. 
Q:May I speak to Ms Rao, please? 
A:I'm sorry. She is not here. She's gone to Chennai. 
c)Ms Das has gone to Kolkata. 
Q:May I speak to Ms Das, please? 
A:I'm sorry. She is not here. She's gone to Kolkata. 
d)Prem has gone to the Kanheri Caves. 
Q:May I speak to Prem, please ? 
A:I'm sorry. He is not here. He's gone to Kanheri Caves. 
e)Maya has gone to Thane. 
Q:May I speak to Maya, please? 
A:I'm sorry. She is not here. She's gone to Thane. 
f)Mr Singh has gone to Panvel. 
Q:May I speak to Mr Singh, please? 
A:I'm sorry. He is not here. He's gone to Panvel. 
g)Ms Singh has gone to cinema. 
Q:May I speak to Ms Singh, please? 
A:I'm sorry. She is not here. She's gone to cinema. 
h)Mohan has gone to the beach. 
Q:May I speak to Mohan, please? 
A:I'm sorry. He is not here. He's gone to the beach. 

2)Give replies.. 
a)When will she buy the book? 
Ans:She has already bought. 
b)When does the lesson begin? 
Ans:It has already begun. 
c)Prem must find his book. 
Ans:He has already found. 
d)Be careful! You will break the vase. 
Ans:I have already broken. 
e)Maya must write a letter. 
Ans:She has already written. 
f)The children must put away their toys. 
Ans:They have already put away. 
g)When will you do your homework? 
Ans:I have already done. 
h)When are the boys going home? 
Ans:They have already gone. 
i)Be careful! You will drop your books.
Ans:I have already dropped. 
j)When will you tell your mother? 
Ans:I have already told. 

3)Ask and answer these questions. 
Q:Have you ever been to Ranchi? 
A:Yes, I've often been to Ranchi. 
No, I've never been to Ranchi. 
(Note:Practice the rest of the questions and answers by yourself. Use often or never according to yourself). 

4)Ask your friends questions like the ones in  
Exercise 3.
[Note - Practice the conversation skills given in Qno - 3 with any of your friend].

5)Answer these questions. Use often or never. 
a)Have you ever cooked a meal? 
Ans:No, I've never cooked a meal. 
Yes, I've often cooked a meal. 
b)Have you ever used a telephone? 
Ans:Yes, I've often used a telephone. 
No, I've never used a telephone.
c)Have you ever been to the cinema? 
Ans:Yes, I've often been to cinema. 
No, I've never been to cinema. 
d)Have you ever seen a tiger? 
Ans:No, I've never seen a tiger. 
Yes, I've often seen a tiger. 
e)Have you ever lost your ruler? 
Ans:No, I've never lost my ruler. 
Yes, I've often lost my ruler. 
[Note:Practice rest of the questions by yourself. If your answer is 'Yes' then choose 'Often' and if your answer is 'No' then choose 'Never'. I've given two answers here. Choose any of them according to you].

6)Read aloud and spell. 
[cry , sky , eye , typhoon , tie , high , light , tight , night , tonight]. 

7)Read. [The Moon in the Well].
Read the passage given in your book carefully. 
Answer the questions. 
a)What do we get from a well? 
Ans:We get water from a well. 
b)What is at the top end of the rope? 
Ans:There is a bucket at the top end of the rope. 
c)What is at the bottom end of the rope? 
Ans:There is a wheel at the bottom end of the rope. 
d)Where did the foolish man see the moon? 
Ans:The foolish man seen the reflection of the moon in the water. 
e)What was the water in the well like? 
Ans:The water in the well was just like a mirror. 
f)What did the man want the hook to do? 
Ans:The man wanted the hook to catch the moon and pull it up. 
g)What did the hook catch? 
Ans:The hook caught nothing.
h)What did the man do? 
Ans:The man tried hard to pull the hook up from the well.
i)What happened next? 
Ans:After pulling the hook very hard, the stoned moved and the hook flew up the well. As a result, the man fell on his back. 

j)Where was the moon all the time? 
Ans:The moon was in the sky all the time. 

Date — 26/07/2021
Class — III
Subject — English I
Chapter — 12
Read the sentences given in your book carefully. 

2)Practice the conversation skills given in your book in the form of table. 

3)Give answers..
a)Has Mohan found his pencil? (No) 
—No, he hasn't. 
b)Has Maya torn her handkerchief? (Yes)
—Yes, she has. 
c)Has the lesson begun? (Yes) 
—Yes,  it has. 
d)Has the lesson finished? (No) 
—No, it hasn't. 
e)Has Anu written a letter?(Yes) 
—Yes, she has. 
f)Has she posted it?(No) 
—No, she hasn't. 
g)Have the boys done their homework? (Yes)
—Yes, they have. 
h)Have the children eaten
all the food? (No) 
—No, they haven't . 
i)Have they lived here a long time? (Yes) 
—Yes, they have. 
j)Have the children read all the books? (No) 
—No, they haven't. 

4)Read aloud. 
Read the shortforms of some of the basic words given in your book. 

5)Give answers.. 
a)Has Prem drawn a ship? (an aeroplane) 
—No, he hasn't drawn a ship. He's drawn an aeroplane. 
b)Has Maya found a ruler?  (a eraser) 
—No, she hasn't found a ruler. She's found a eraser. 
c)Have the men taken away the cans? (the bottles)
—No, the men haven't taken away the cans. They've taken away the bottles. 
d)Has Anu written to her uncle? (her aunt) 
—No, she hasn't written to her uncle. She's written to her aunt. 
e)Has Ms Shah bought a new pair of shoes? (a new purse)
—No, she hasn't bought a new pair of shoes. She's bought a new purse. 
f)Have the cats seen a mouse? (a dog) 
—No, they haven't seen a mouse. They've seen a dog. 
g)Have the girls put away their pens? (their books) 
—No, they haven't put away their pens. They've put away their books. 
h)Has Mr Rao sold his house? (his car)
—No, he hasn't sold his house. He has sold his car. 
i)Have we finished the book? (the exercise)
—We haven't finished the book. We've finished the exercise. 

6)Read aloud and spell. 
Read and learn the words given in your book. 

7)Read. [The Lost Ring]
Read the passage given in your book carefully. 
Choose the best answer. 
a)The man bought a gold (clock, ring, pen). 
b)He bought it for his (father, mother, wife).
c)The man lost the ring in the (house, street, shop). 
d)There was more light (inside, outside) the house. 
e)The friend thought that the man was (silly, wise, clever). 

Answer the questions. 
a)Who dropped the ring? 
Ans:A man dropped the ring. 
b)Where did the man looked for the ring at first? 
Ans:At first, the man looked for the ring inside his house only. 
c)Where did he next look for the ring? 
Ans:Next time, he looked for the ring at outside in the street. 
d)Did he find the ring? 
Ans:No, he didn't found the ring. 
e)Who saw him in the street? 
Ans:One of his friend saw him in the street .

Date — 20/07/2021
Class — III
Subject — English I
Chapter — 11
Read the sentences given in your book carefully. 

2)Answer the questions. 
a)The door is closed. What has Radha done? 
—She has closed the door. 
b)The blackboard is clean. What has Mohan done? 
—He has cleaned the blackboard. 
c)The meal is cooked. What has Mr Shah done? 
—He has cooked the meal. 
d)The shoe is mended. What has Mr Das done? 
—He has mended the shoe. 
e)The exercise is finished. What has Anu done? 
—She has finished the exercise. 

3)Read aloud. 
Read and learn the words given in your book. 

4)Finish the sentences. 
a)I wanted to clean the cupboard and now I have cleaned it. 
b)I wanted to pull the rope and now I have pulled it. 
c)I wanted to fill the bottle and now I have filled it. 
d)I wanted to borrow a rupee and now I have borrowed it. 
e)I wanted to finish my homework and now I have finished it. 
f)I wanted to kick the ball and now I have kicked it. 
g)I wanted to wash the socks and now I have washed it. 
h)I wanted to help my father and now I have helped him. 
i)I wanted to touch the ceiling and now I have touched it. 
j)I wanted to count the money and now I have counted it.
k)I wanted to paint the wall and now I have painted it. 
l)I wanted to post the letter and now I have posted it. 
m)I wanted to mend the shirt and now I have mended it. 
n)I wanted to visit my uncle and now I have visited him. 

7)Read. [A Busy Family]
Read the passage given in your book carefully. 
Answer the questions. 
a)What time did Ms Shah reach home? 
Ans:Ms Shah reached home at six o'clock. 

b)What did Mr Shah bring her to drink and to eat? 
Ans:Mr Shah brought her a cup of tea to drink and some cakes to eat.

c)What did Mr Shah wash? 
Ans:Mr Shah has washed some clothes. 

d)Whose socks had holes in them? 
Ans:Ms Shah's and Prem's socks had some holes in them. 

e)Who helped Mr Shah to wash the clothes and cook the meal? 
Ans:Maya and Prem helped Mr Shah to wash the clothes and cook the meal. 

f)What did Prem do? 
Ans:Prem has helped his father in cooking the food and washing the clothes. 

g)What else Prem do? 
Ans:Prem has mended the leg of the chair and also completed his homework. 

h)What else did Maya do? 
Ans:Apart from helping her father , Maya has completed all her homework. 


Date — 13/07/2021
Class — III
Subject — English I
Chapter — 10
1)Read and answer the questions. 
a)Who feels hot? 
Ans:Maya feels hot. 
b)Who is ill? 
Ans:Sam is ill.
c)Who feels tired?
Ans:The workman feels tired. 
d)Who is thirsty? 
Ans:Anu is thirsty. 
e)Who feels sleepy? 
Ans:Mohan feels sleepy. 
f)Who is cheerful? 
Ans:The little boy is cheerful. 
g)Who feels cold? 
Ans:Prem feels cold. 
h)Who is angry? 
Ans:The farmer is angry. 

2)Finish these sentences using the words hot ,  thirsty , tired ,  sleepy , cold , ill. 
a)I am wearing two coats. 
I feel hot. 
b)I want a drink. 
I feel thirsty. 
c)This is hard work. 
I feel tired. 
d)I am going to bed. 
I feel sleepy. 
e)I want a coat. 
I feel cold. 
f)I have a pain in my head. 
I feel ill. 

3)How many pairs of sentences can you make? 
Ans:We can make three pairs of sentences. 
Sentences :
1)I feel thirsty. Let's have a drink. 
2)l feel hungry. Let's have something to eat. 
3)I feel tired. Let's have a rest. 
4)I feel sleepy. Let's go to bed. 
5)I feel hot. Let's go inside. 
6)I feel cold. Let's go home. 

4)Put these words in blank spaces. 
[comfortable , ill , busy , happy , cheerful , tired , difficult , fierce ]
a) Maya looks ill. Her face is very white. 
b) Anu seems very happy. She is smiling. 
c)May I sit in that chair, please? It looks very comfortable. 
d)You seem very tired Mohan. You must go to bed early tonight. 
e)Prem seems very cheerful. He always has a big smile on his face.
f)The children seemed very busy. They were working hard. 
g)The lion looks fierce. It is roaring very loudly.
h)This sum looks very difficult but I shall try to do it. 

5)Say these words. 
[Say the words given in your book atleast five times].

6)Read aloud and spell. 
[Read aloud and learn the words given in your book].

a)The soldier was as brave  — as a lion. 
b)The little girl was as quiet — as a mouse. 
c)She is ill. She is as weak — as a kitten. 
d)That man is as strong — as a horse. 
e)Hurry up! You are as slow  — as a tortoise. 
f)The room was as clean — as a new pin.

8)Read.(A Picnic on the Beach) 
Read the passage given in the book carefully. 
Answer the questions. 
a)When was the holiday? 
Ans:The holiday was on the last Monday. 
b)What did the children decide to do? 
Ans:The children decided to have a picnic on the beach. 
c)What did Ms Shah give them? 
Ans:Ms Shah gave them a bag of food. 
d)When did they reach the beach? 
Ans:They reached the beach at ten o'clock. 
e) What looked beautiful? 
Ans:The sun shining on the sea looked beautiful. 
f) Who felt hot? 
Ans:Prem felt hot. 
g) Who felt thirsty? 
Ans:Mohan felt thirsty. 
h) Who felt sleepy? 
Ans:Anu and Maya felt sleepy. 
i)What did the girls do? 
Ans:The girls laid down on the hot sand and went to sleep. 
j)Who swam in the sea? 
Ans:The three boys swam in the sea. 
k)Did the water feel cold? 
Ans:No, the water did not felt cold. 
l)Who felt tired and hungry? 
Ans:All the three boys felt tired and hungry. 
m)Who wanted to wake the girls? 
Ans:Mohan wanted to wake the girls.

Date — 29/06/2021
Class — III
Subject — English I
Chapter — 9
1)Read .
Read and try to understand the sentences given in your book. 

 2)How many sentences can you make? 
(Make as many sentences as you can make using the information given in your book).
Examples :
I) Prem writes as quickly as Maya. 
2)The boys do not write as carefully as Maya. 

3) Make sentences 
a) Sita's height is 1.25 m.    Tom's height is 1.25m.
Radha's height is 1.28m.
—Sita is as tall as Tom. 
—Sita is not as tall as Radha. 
b) Tim's weight is 38 kg. Tom's weight is 38 kg. Ravi's weight is 42 kg. 
— Tim is as heavy as Tom. 
— Tim is not as heavy as Ravi. 

c)First Street is 7 m wide. 
Second Street is 7 m wide. 
Third Street is 10 m wide. 
—First Street is as wide as the second street. 
—First street is not as wide as the third street. 

d)An orange costs Rs 20.
An apple costs Rs 20.
A pear costs Rs 30.
—An orange is as expensive as an apple .
—An orange is not as expensive as a pear. 

e) Sita's book is 3 cm thick. 
Tom's book is 3 cm thick. 
Radha's book is 4 cm thick.  (heavy) 
—Sita's book is as heavy as Tom's book. 
—Sita's book is not as heavy as Radha's book. 

 (4)Make sentences 
a)Prem has two rulers. 
Mohan has two rulers.
Raj has four rulers. 
—Prem has as many rulers as Mohan. 
—Prem does not have as many rulers as Raj. 

b)Maya has two cups of milk.
Susan has two. 
Radha has three. 
—Maya has as much milk as Susan. 
—Maya does not have as much milk as Radha. 

c) April has thirty days. 
June has thirty days. 
March has thirty-one days. 
—April has as many days as June.
—April does not have as many days as March. 

d)Tim has a loaf of bread. 
Raj has one too. 
Ravi has three loaves. 
—Tim has as many loaf of bread as Raj. 
—Tim does not have as many loaves of bread as Ravi. 

 6)Say these words
(Five times). 
eat , it
heat ,  hit 
leaf , live

 7)Read aloud and spell .
(Read and learn the words given in your book with spellings). 

7) Read .
(The Hare and the Tortoise).
Read the passage given in your book carefully. 
Answer the questions .
a) Which animal runs fast? 
Ans:The hare runs fast. 
b)Which animal moves slowly? 
Ans:The tortoise moves slowly. 
c) What does a tortoise carry? 
Ans:A tortoise carries a heavy shell on its back. 
d)Is the shell heavy? 
Ans:Yes , the shell is heavy. 
e)Where did they race to? 
Ans:They raced to a tree. 
f)What did the tortoise do? 
Ans:The tortoise moved slowly towards the tree.
g)What did the hare do? 
Ans:The hare lie down to have a rest and fall asleep. 
h)Which animal moved slowly? 
Ans:The tortoise moved slowly. 
i)Which animal ran quickly? 
Ans:The hare ran quickly. 
j)Which animal won? 
Ans:The tortoise won. 

8) Revision .
Answer the questions. 
a) Which goes fastest,  a bicycle,  a car or an airplane? 
— an aeroplane 
b) Which runs more quickly, a dog or a duck? 
— a dog
c) Who speaks more loudly,  a person shouting or a person whispering? 
— a person shouting. 

Date --- 22/06/2021
Class --- 3
Subject --- English I
Chapter --- 8
1)Finish the sentences.
Prem did well in the examination.
Maya did better.
Mohan did best of them all.

Anu did badly.
Raj did worse.
Tim did worst.

A horse moves fast.
A car moves faster.
An aeroplane moves fastest of all.

A man moves slowly.
A child moves more slowly.
An old man moves most slowly.

2)Read and learn.
Read and learn the degrees of comparison given in your book.

3)Make sentences...
a)Prem spoke clearly but Mohan spoke more clearly.
b)He wrote neatly but his sister wrote more neatly.
c)A lion can roar fiercely but two lions can roar more fiercely.
d)She wrote carefully but the other pupils wrote more carefully.
e)Mohan moved quickly but Tim moved more quickly.
f)A bicycle can go fast but a car can go faster.
g)Radha did well in the test but Anu did better.

4)Make sentences...
a)All the boys shouted loudly but Prem shouted most loudly .
b)All the soldiers fought bravely but the leader fought most bravely.
c)All the buses go slowly but this bus goes most slowly.
d)They speak politely but Maya speaks most politely.
e)They all worked hard but Mohan worked hardest.
f)All the men drove carefully but Raj Shah drove most carefully.
g)All the women spoke softly but Ms Rao spoke most softly.

5)Say these word.(Five times)
eat , it
seat , sit
sheep , ship
wheel , will
these , this
reach , rich

6)Read aloud and spell.
Read aloud and spell the words given in your book.

7)Read. (The School Choir)
{Read the passage given in your book carefully}.
Answer the questions.
a)Was  Prem in the choir?
Ans:Yes, Prem was in the choir.
b)Was Maya in the choir?
Ans:Yes, Maya was in the choir.
c)What did Mohan and Anu want?
Ans:Mohan and Anu wanted to join the choir.
d)Who did they speak to?
Ans:They spoke to Mr Rao.
e)Who played the piano?
Ans:Mr Rao played the piano .
f)Who sang loudly at first?
Ans:Mohan sang loudly at first.
g)Who sang softly at first?
Ans:Anu sang softly at first.
h)Who had clear voices?
Ans:Mohan and Anu had clear voices.
i)Who sang well?
Ans:Mohan and Anu sang well.
j)Who was pleased?
Ans: Mr Rao was pleased.

8)Revision: Answer the questions.
a)Which has more pages , a book or a chapter ?
--- a book .
b)Which has fewer legs , a table or a boy ?
--- a boy .
c)Which holds more ink , a bottle or a pen ?
--- a bottle.
d)Which holds less water , a cup or a jug ?
--- a cup.

Date : 11/05/2021
Class - 3
Subject - English I
Chapter - 7
   More , Fewer or Less 
(1)Read and answer the questions.
a)Who has more kittens than Maya?
Ans:Zoya has more kittens than Maya.

Who has fewer kittens than Zoya?
Ans:Maya has fewer kittens than Zoya.

Who has more apples than Raj?
Ans:Radha has more apples than Raj.

Who has fewer apples than Radha?
Ans:Raj has fewer apples than Radha.

b)Who has more milk than Maya?
Ans:Zoya has more milk than Maya.

Who has less milk than Zoya?
Ans:Maya has less milk than Zoya.

Who has more bread than Raj?
Radha has more bread than Raj.

Who has less bread than Radha?
Ans:Raj has less bread than Radha.

2)How many sentences can you make?
(Do it by yourself).
i)Prem has more pens than Mohan.
ii)Maya has fewer rulers than Zoya.

(3)Make sentences.
a)The boy had two oranges. The girl has four oranges.
--The girl has more oranges than the boy.
--The boy has fewer oranges than the girl.
b)The boy has a little water. The girl has a lot of water.
--The girl has more water than the boy.
--The boy has less water than the girl.
c)Ms Rao has three cats. Ms Shah has four cats.
--Ms Shah has more cats than Ms Rao.
--Ms Rao has fewer cats than Ms Shah.
d)Raj has a little money. Mr Rao has a lot of money.
--Mr Rao has more money than Raj.
--Raj has less money than Mr Rao.
e)Anu's book has fifty pages. Raj's book has ninety pages.
--Raj's book has more pages than Anu's book.
--Anu's book has fewer pages than Raj's book.
f)The red bottle has a little ink. The blue bottle has a lot of ink.
--The blue bottle has more ink than the red bottle.
--The red bottle has less ink than the blue bottle.

4)Put a tick (✅) by the best one.
a)A library has (more[✅], less[ ] fewer[ ] ) books than a classroom.
b)A house has (more[ ] less[ ] fewer [✅] ) rooms than a school.
c)A jug can hold (more [✅] less[ ] fewer[ ] ) milk than a cup.
d)A bottle can hold ( more[✅] less[ ] fewer[ ]) water than a glass.
e)There are (more[✅] less[ ] fewer[ ] )days in a year than there are in a month.
f)There are (more [ ] less[ ] fewer[✅] )days in April than there are in March.

5)Read aloud and spell.
(Note: Read the words given in your book atleast five times).

6)Read. (The Clever Man)
Read the passage given in your book.
Answer the questions.
a)Who wanted to go on a journey?
Ans: The rich man wanted to go on a journey.
b)What did he want to take?
Ans:He wanted to take things to sell.
c)Why did he take gold?
Ans:He took gold so that he can buy things with it.
d)Why did he take food?
Ans:He took food to eat on the journey.
e)How many men went with him?
Ans:A total of ten men went with him.
f)What did the men do?
Ans:The men carried the things to sell , the gold and the food to eat.
g)What did the clever man carry?
Ans:The clever man carried the biggest load.
h)Why did they stop?
Ans:They stopped for a rest.
i)What happened to the bread?
Ans:All the men have eaten the bread during the journey.
j)What happened to the man's load?
Ans:At the end  of the journey, the man had no load to carry.

7)Revision: Give words with the opposite meaning.
the smallest -- the biggest.
the most difficult -- the most easy.
the cheapest -- the most expensive.
the saddest -- the happiest.
the slowest -- the fastest.
the youngest -- the oldest.
the most careful -- the most careless.
the best -- the worst.
the narrowest -- the widest.
the longest -- the shortest.
the dirtiest -- the cleanest.
the lowest -- the highest.

1)Write down all the notes.
2)Complete Ch-7 of English Workbook.

Date : 29/04/2021
Class - 3
Subject - English I
Chapter - 6
1)Read and answer the questions.
a)Which is the slowest?
Ans: Bicycle
Which is the fastest?
Ans: Aeroplane
b)Which is the shortest?
Which is the tallest?
c)Who is the happiest?
Who is the saddest?
d)Which is the cleanest?
Ans:Striped shirt
Which is the dirtiest?
Ans:Grey shirt
e)Which is the easiest?
Ans:Number 1
Which is the most difficult?
Ans:Number 3
f)Who is the most careful?
Who is the most careless?

2)Read the questions and answer them.
a)Which streets are wide?
Ans:Fig street and Plum street.
b)Which streets are narrow?
Ans:Sunny street and Shady street.
c)Which is the widest of the streets?
Ans:Fig street
d)Which is the narrowest of the streets?
Ans:Sunny street
e)Which aeroplane are high?
Ans:Blue aeroplane and Purple aeroplane.
g)Which is the highest of the aeroplane?
Ans:Blue aeroplane
h)Which is the lowest of the aeroplanes?
Ans:Grey aeroplane and orange aeroplane.
i)Maya's marks are good.
Whose marks are better?
Ans:Mohan's marks .
j)Whose marks are the best?
Ans:Prem's marks.
k)Anu's marks are bad.
Whose marks are worse?
Ans:Sita's marks.
l)Whose marks are the worst?
Ans:Raj's marks.

3)Read and answer the questions.
a)Whose chair is the most comfortable?
Ans: Radha's chair is the most comfortable.
b)Whose book is the most exciting?
Ans:Raj's book is the most exciting.

4)Choose the right words.
a)Ila was (young, younger , the youngest) girl in the class.
Ans: the youngest
b)Mohan is (old, older, the oldest) than his brother.
c)Anil Bose is (bigger, biggest, the biggest) boy in the school.
Ans:the biggest
d)The last exercise was (difficult, more difficult, most difficult) than the others.
Ans:more difficult
e)The boys' marks were (the worst, worst, worse) than the girls'.
f)Prem's marks were (good, better, the best) in the class.
Ans:the best

5)Read.(The Best Story)
Read the passage carefully.
Answer the questions.
a)Whose story was the longest?
Ans:Anu's story was the longest.
b)Whose story was the shortest?
Ans:Mohan's story was the shortest.
c)Whose story was the most interesting?
Ans:Maya's story was the most interesting.
d)Whose story was the most exciting?
Ans:Prem's story was the most exciting.
e)Whose marks were the best?
Ans:Maya's marks were the best.
f)Whose marks were the worst?
Ans:Mohan's marks were the worst.

Write down the notes.
Learn the words (Qno.6).
Do the revision portion.

Class - 3
Subject - English I
Chapter - 5
(1) Read .
Read and try to understand the sentences given in your book.
Answer the questions .
a)What does Maya like to do?
Ans:Maya likes to listen to music.
b)What does Maya want to do now?
Ans:Maya wants to listen to music now.
c)What does Ms Rao want Maya to do?
Ans:Ms Rao wants Maya to do her homework.
d)What does Prem like to do?
Ans:Prem likes to watch television.
e)What does Prem want to do now?
Ans:Prem wants to watch television now.
f)What does Ms Rao want Prem to do?
Ans:Ms Rao wants Prem to clean his shoes.

(2) Make sentences .
a)Anu: May I open the window?
-- Anu wants to open the window.
b)Maya: May I close the door?
-- Maya wants to close the door.
c)Prem: May I read my book?
-- Prem wants to read his book .
d)Mohan: May I sit down?
-- Mohan wants to sit down.
e)Raj: May I go home?
-- Raj wants to go home.
f)Ila: May I ask a question?
-- Ila wants to ask a question.
g)Arun: May I buy an orange?
-- Arun wants to buy an orange.
h)Maya: May I switch on the fan?
-- Maya wants to switch on the fan.
i)Anu: May I go to bed?
-- Anu wants to go to bed.
j)Mohan: May I play football.
-- Mohan wants to play football.

(3) How many sentences can you make ?
(Look at the information given in your book).
(i)Ms Rao wanted Mohan to put the books in the cupboard.
(ii)Mr Rao helped Anu to finish the homework.
(iii)Maya wanted Prem to  wash the glasses.
(Note: Make more sentences by yourself).

(4) Make sentences ..
a)Ms Rao: Stand up, Maya.
-- Ms Rao told Maya to stand up.
b)The teacher: Sit down, Prem.
-- The teacher told Prem to sit down.
c)The teacher: Stand up, Prem.
-- The teacher told Prem to stand up.
d)Mr Rao: Sit down, Mohan.
-- Mr Rao told Mohan to sit down.
e)Mr Das: Clean the board, Prem.
-- Mr Das told Prem to clean the board.
f)Ms Rao: Clean your shoes, Mohan.
-- Ms Rao told Mohan to clean his shoes.
g)Ms Rao: Eat your orange, Maya.
-- Ms Rao told Maya to eat her orange.
h)Ms Rao: Give me your books , children.
-- Ms Rao told children to give their books.

(5) Make sentences .
a)Ms Rao: Don't shout, children.
-- Ms Rao told the children not to shout.
b)Ms Rao: Don't run, Maya.
-- Ms Rao told Maya not to run.
c)Mr Rao: Don't sing, Mohan.
-- Mr Rao told Mohan not to sing.
d)Ms Rao: Don't laugh, Prem.
-- Ms Rao told Prem not to laugh.
e)Ms Rao: Don't be late, children.
-- Ms Rao told the children not to be late.
f)Ms Rao: Don't look ,children.
-- Ms Rao told the children not to look .
g)Mr Shah: Don't be afraid, children.
-- Mr Shah told the children not to be afraid.
h)Ms Rao: Don't be silly, Mohan.
-- Ms Rao told Mohan not to be silly.

(6) Write to where needed. Otherwise put a cross ❎.
a)Please let me ❎ listen to the radio .
b)Mohan wants to watch television.
c)The teacher told Prem to read the lesson .
d)We must all ❎ listen to the teacher.
e)He would not ❎ play with us.
f)We wanted to go for a swim in the sea.
g)The teacher made the children to go outside .
h)We all like to listen to stories.
i)He could not ❎ tell the answer.
j)She told him to finish the exercise.

(7) Read .
(The Football Match)
Read the passage carefully .
Answer the questions.
a)What do Mr Das and Mr Ali like to do?
Ans:Mr Das and Mr Ali like to watch football match.

b)Who always remembers to take his umbrella?
Ans:Mr Das always remembers to take his umbrella.

c)Who sometimes forgets to take his umbrella?
Ans:Mr Ali sometimes forgets to take his umbrella.

d)Where did they go last Saturday?
Ans:Last Saturday, they went to the stadium.

e)Who remembered to take his umbrella?
Ans:Mr Das remebered to take his umbrella.

f)Who forgot to take his umbrella?
Ans:Mr Ali forgot to take his umbrella.

g)When did the match begin?
Ans:The match began at three o'clock.

h)When did it begin to rain?
Ans:It began to rain at half-past three.

i)What did Mr Das try to do?
Ans:Mr Das tried to help Mr Ali.

j)Who went home?
Ans:Mr Ali went home.

(8)Read aloud and spell.
(Five times).
a horse , a storm, morning, a quarter, pouring, or, short, story, forget, door, water.

*Write down all the notes. *Complete chapter-5 of English Workbook.
*Do the revision portion by yourself (Q no.-9).

Class 3
Dictation words

1. Stirring- moving a little
2. Fragrant- sweet smelling
3. Pale- having less or no colour
4. Weave- make cloth from thread
5. Spin- make thread from cotton or wool.
6. gleaming- shining
7. Upwards steals- moving up slowly
8. Wailed- cried
9. Spotless- very clean
10. Plump- chubby
11. Invented- made something new
12. Marvellous- wonderful
13. Delighted- very happy
14. A million billion- very large numbers
15. Honeycombs- the parts of a beehive where bees store their eggs and honey
16. Berth- a long train seat for sleeping on
17. Tugged at- pulled at
18. Ventilator- an opening for letting fresh air in
19. ballet- a type of dance
20. Broke down- grew very sad
21. Strain- pressure
22. Full of curls- full of curly hair
23. Damp- slightly wet
24. Galoshes- waterproof boots
25. Tackle- equipment
26. Trout- a type of fish
27.nasty- very bad
28. Sore-aching
29. Corridor- a long, narrow passage
30. Gasp- a short quick breath through the mouth.
31. Instruction- order
32. Data- facts collected together.
33. Hardware- physical components of computer
34. Software- instructions that tellcomputer what to do
35. Operating system- the software thathelps us to operate the computer system
36. Icon-small picture used to open a
program, file or folder
37. Adjacent- not distant
38. Sorting- arranging
39.minimize- reduce
40. Maximize- make it large

Date : 19/04/2021
Class - 3
Subject - English I
Chapter - 4
let, made, must, would, could
Read and practice the conversation skills given in your book.

[2]Make sentences..
a)The teacher said to the children, 'You must close your books.'
--The teacher made them close their books.
b)The teacher said to Prem, 'You must clean the blackboard.'
--The teacher made him clean the blackboard.
c)The policeman said to Mr Das, 'You must move your car.'
--The policeman made Mr Das move his car.
d)Ms Rao said Maya, 'You must brush your hair.'
--Ms Rao made Maya brush her hair.
e)Mr Rao said to Mohan, 'You must do your homework.'
--Mr Rao made Mohan do his homework.
f)The teacher said to Anu, 'You must do the work again.'
--The teacher made Anu do her work again.

[3]Make sentences..
a)The teacher said to children, 'You may go out to play.'
--The teacher let them go out to play.
b)The policeman said to the children, 'You may cross the road.'
--The policeman let them  cross the road.
c)Ms Rao said to Prem, 'You may watch television.'
--Ms Rao let him watch television.
d)Mr Rao said to the workmen, 'You may have a rest.'
--Mr Rao let them have a rest.
e)The shopkeeper said to Mohan, 'You may have an orange to eat.'
--The shopkeeper let him an orange to eat.
f)The teacher said to the children, 'You may stop work.'
--The teacher let them stop work.

[4]Make sentences beginning with We must ..or We must not... .
a)clean our teeth
--We must clean our teeth.
b)eat sweets in the classroom.
--We must not eat sweets in the classroom.
c)listen to the teacher
--We must listen to the teacher.
d)do our homework
--We must do our homework.
e)litter the classroom
--We must not litter the classroom .
f)stand on our desks
--We must not stand on our desks.

[5]Say these words.
{Five times}.
pot , poured
not , note
cloth , clothes

[6]Read aloud and spell.
{Five times}.
collar , socks, stockings, pocket, lorry, coffee , cotton , doctor, orange, bottom, bottle, across, dollar, knock, wrong.

(The Lion and the Mouse)
Read the passage given in your book.
Put in the missing words.
A mouse was looking for something to eat. He ran into a fierce lion. The lion would not let the mouse go. The mouse said, 'One day I will help you.' The lion let the mouse go.The next week the mouse saw the lion. The lion was in a net made of strong ropes. The mouse bit through the ropes to let the lion free. The lion said, ' Thank you very much.

a)a bookshop
We go to a bookshop to buy some books.
b)a shoe shop
We go to a shoe shop to buy some shoes.
c)a fruit shop.
We go to a fruit shop to buy some fruits.
d)a dress shop
We go to a dress shop to buy some dresses.
Write down all the notes in your copy and complete chapter-4 of your English Workbook.


DATE : 15/04/2021
Class - 3
Subject - English I
Chapter - 3
[1] Make sentences ..
1)Maya went to the jungle to see the animals.
2)Raj went to the doctor to get some medicines.
3)Ms Shah went to fish monger to buy some fish.
4)Rashmi went to the swimming pool to have a swim.
5)Mr Shah went to the book store to get a book.
6)Mira went to the relative's house to see her aunt.
7)Arun went to the shop to buy a kite.
8)The children went to the theatre to watch a film.

[2] Make five sentences .
i)He switched on the radio to hear some music.
ii)She bought some cloth to make a dress.
iii)He went to the shop to buy some clothes.
iv)He bought a newspaper to read the news.
v)She bought a postcard to send to her aunt.

[3] Make sentences ..
a)Will you give me something to read, please?(a book)
A:Yes. Here is a book to read.
b)Will you give me something to eat, please?(a biscuit)
A:Yes. Here is a biscuit to eat.
c)Will you give me some money to spend, please?(a fifty-rupee note)
A:Yes. Here is a fifty-rupee note to spend.
d)Will you give me something to do, please?
(some work)
A:Yes. Here is some work to do .
e)Will you give me something to drink, please?(some tea)
A:Yes. Here is some tea to drink.
f)Will you give me something to play with, please?( a ball)
A:Yes. Here is a ball to play.
g)Will you give me something to write with, please? (a pen)
A:Yes. Here is a pen to write.
h)Will you give me something to draw with, please? (a pencil)
A:Yes. Here is a pencil to draw.
i)Will you give me something to paint with, please?(a brush)
A:Yes. Here is a brush to paint.

[4] Make sentences ..
a)I have nothing to do.(some work)
A:Here is some work for you to do.
b)My mother has nothing to read. (a newspaper)
A:Here is a newspaper for your mother to read.
c)My sister has nothing to wear. (a dress)
A:Here is a dress for your sister to wear.
d)My cat has nothing to drink.(some milk)
A:Here is some milk for your cat to drink.
e)My dog has nothing to eat. ( a bone)
A:Here is a bone for your dog to eat.
f)My brother has nothing to spend. (some money)
A:Here is some money for your brother to spend.
g)My father has nothing to cook. (a fish)
A:Here is a fish for your father to cook.
h)Prem has nothing to carry. (a basket)
A:Here is a basket for Prem to carry.

[5] What do we use these _things for ?
(i)a pencil
--We use a pencil to draw a picture.
(ii)a pen
--We use a pen to write our notes.
(iii)a paintbrush
--We use a paintbrush to apply paint.
(iv)a hammer
--We use a hammer for general carpentry.
--We use a chalk to write on blackboard.
(vi)a ruler
--We use a ruler to measure length and draw straight lines.

{Read the passage given in your book }.
Answer the questions.
(a)Who will see the monkeys?
A:Children will see the monkeys.
(b)Who will see the lions?
A:Children will see the lions.
(c)Who will see the birds?
A:Mohan and Prem will see the birds.
(d)Who will see the snakes?
Ans:Maya and Anu will see the snakes.
(e)What will Prem take?
Ans:Prem will take something to eat.
(f)What will Mohan take?
Ans:Mohan will take something to drink.
(g)What will Maya take?
Ans:Maya will take a camera.
(h)What will Anu take?
Ans:Anu will take a cake.

(7) Say these words .
    {five times}
get , gate
kick , cake
tick , take
let , late
wet , wait
test , taste

(8) Read aloud and spell .
{ five times }
a face , a plane, a snake,
pavement, a table cloth ,
a nail, rain, a train , a sailor, a straight line, page, name, date, brave, dangerous, afraid, great, 

*Write down all the notes in your copy and complete chapter-3 of your English Workbook.
*Complete the "Revision Portion" given in Qno.-9
by yourself.

Date : 08/04/2021
Class - 3
Subject - English I
Chapter - 2
Read the sentences given in your book and try to understand the uses of "shall and will" in the given sentences.
[Read atleast five times].

[2]We write :
I shall or I will 
We shall or We will
He will
She will
It will 
They will
You will

We say: (short forms)
I'll , he'll, she'll, you'll, it'll, they'll, we'll 

We write:
I shall not or I will not
We shall not or We will not
He will not 
She will not
It will not
You will not
We say:
I shan't or I won't
We shan't or We won't
He won't 
She won't
It won't 
They won't
You won't

[3]Add not to these sentences.
a)They will go.
--They will not go.
b)She will tell me.
--She will not tell me.
c)He will come tomorrow.
--He will not come tomorrow.
d)They will go home soon.
--They will not go home soon.
e)You will see him next week.
--You will not see him next week.
f)The shop will be closed tomorrow.
--The shop will not be closed tomorrow.
g)She will mend his shirt tonight.
--She will not mend his shirt tonight.
h)She will help him tonight.
--She will not help him tonight.

[4]Change these sentences into questions.
a)He will go tomorrow.
--Will he go tomorrow?
b)She will see it.
--Will she see it?
c)They will be here soon.
--Will they be here soon?
d)I shall help her.
--Shall I help her?
e)You will give it to him.
--Will you give it to him?
f)It will be cold tomorrow.
--Will it be cold tomorrow?
g)It will be hot in June.
--Will it be hot in June?
h)They will go home soon.
--Will they go home soon?

[5]Read.(Gopal's Egg)
Read the passage given in your book.
Draw a line under the right words.
a)Someone gave Gopal (one egg , two eggs, many eggs).
b)Then Gopal was very ( happy , unhappy, sad).
c)He wanted to become (golden, rich , silly).
d)He (lost, cooked, dropped ) the egg.
e)Then he was (rich , poor, sad )
[Note:Bold words are the right answer here. You can underline these words while writing ].

[6]Say these words.
(Five times)
Pot, Part
Shop, sharp

[7]Read aloud and spell.
(Learn the spellings also).
a farmer, a parcel, a harbour, a bathtub, a glass , glasses, grass, half, a star, laughing, sharp .

[8]Revision:Put the sentences under B in the right order.
a)Will you turn on the fan, please?--(3)I feel hot.
b)I am going to have a rest.--(1)I am tired.
c)Will you lend me your coat, please?--(4)I feel cold.
d)The farmer is running after the boy.--(2)He is angry.
e)Will you get a doctor, please?--(6)I am ill.
f)Will you give me a drink, please?--(8)I am thirsty.
g)She is always smiling.--(5)She is always cheerful.
h)I am going to bed.--(7)I am sleepy.

Write down all the notes in your copy and complete chapter-2 of your English Workbook.

Date - 31/03/2021
Class - 3
Subject - English I
Chapter - 1
Read and try to understand the sentences given in your book.
(Read atleast 5 times).
(2)How many sentences can you make?
(Look at the information given in your book ).
Ans:We can make atleast five sentences.
The sentences are as follows :
1)Will you open the door, please?
2)Will you close the window, please?
3)Will you touch the floor, please?
4)Will you point to your book, please?
5)Will you clean your desk, please?
3)Make sentences..
a)a pencil: 'Will you give me a pencil, please?'
'Yes, here it is!'
b)a ruler: 'Will you give me a ruler, please?'
'Yes, here it is!'
c)some pens: 'Will you give me some pens, please?'
'Yes, here they are!'
d)some rulers: 'Will you give me some rulers, please?'
'Yes, here they are!'
e)a piece of chalk: 'Will you give me a piece of chalk, please?
'Yes, here it is!'
f)some pieces of paper:'Will you give me some pieces of paper, please?
'Yes, here they are!'
g)a glass of milk: 'Will you give me a glass of milk, please?'
'Yes, here it is!'
h)two boxes of matches: 'Will you give me two boxes of matches, please?'
'Yes, here they are!'
i)a cup of tea: 'Will you give me a cup of tea, please!
'Yes, here it is!'
j)'Will you give me three tins of paint, please?'
'Yes, here they are!'
4)Some new words.
(Learn it).
(i) a packet : a small box or bag etc.
(ii) a ladder : a piece of equipment that is used for climbing up something.
[Read the passage given in your book carefully].
Answer the questions.
a)Where was the hole?
A:The hole was on the roof of the house.
b)Who brought the ladder?
A:Prem brought the ladder.
c)Who brought the tin of paint?
A:Maya brought the tin of paint.
d)What colour was the paint?
A:The paint was yellow in colour.
e)Who brought the hammer?
A:Mohan brought the hammer.
f)Who went to the shop?
A:Salim went to the shop.
g)Who bought a packet of nails?
A:Salim bought a packet of nails.
h)Who was tired?
A:Mr Shah was tired.
6)Two new words: lend and borrow.
[Lend: to allow somebody to use something for a short time.
Borrow:to take or receive something from somebody that you intend to give back, usually after a short time.]
(Now read the conversation skills given in your book carefully).
Answer the questions.
a)What did Prem borrow first?
b)Who lent Prem the ruler?
c)What did Mohan borrow?
d)Who lent Mohan the eraser?
e)What did Prem borrow next?
f)Who lent Prem the pen?
(7)Practice and try to understand the conversation skills given in Exercise No. 6 .
8)Say these words.
(five times)
bag , beg
pan, pen
bad, bed
man, men
9)Read aloud and spell.
Read aloud and spell the words given in your book atleast five times).
Write down all the notes in your copy and complete chapter-1 of your English Workbook.

Date : 26/03/2021
Class - 3
Subject - English I
[1]Point and say.
1)Picture 1 is a comb but picture 2 is not a comb. It is a drum.
2)Picture 2 is a drum but picture 3 is not a drum. It is a leaf.
3)Picture 3 is a leaf but picture 4 is not a leaf. It is a plane.
4)Picture 4 is a plane but picture 5 is not a plane. It is a purse.
5)Picture 5 is a purse but picture 6 is not a purse. It is a gate.
(Practice the rest of the sentences by yourself).
[2]Point , ask and answer.
1)Who has a green shirt?
A:Prem has a green shirt and Mohan has one too.
2)Who have some flowers?
A:Ms Shah has some flowers and Maya has too.
3)Who have some balloons ?
A:The man has some balloons and the boy has too.
4)Who has a cap?
A:The soldier has a cap and the sailor has one too.
5)Who has a kitten?
A:The boy has a kitten and the girl has one too.
6)Who has a book?
A:The man has a book and the boy has one too.
7)Who have some parcels?
A:Prem has some parcels and Maya has one too.
8)Who has a coat?
A:Prem has a coat and the dog has one too.
9)Who has a bandage?
A:The doctor has a bandage and the nurse has one too.
3)Choose the right answer.
a)The children put down their pens and listened to the teacher.
b)A sheep loses its coat in summer.
c)We wrote our names on the first page of the book.
d)The dogs had black coats but their ears were white.
e)The kitten was black but its tail was white.
f)'Hold up your books, ' the teacher said to the class.
g)The children took off their coats because it was hot.
[4]Point , ask and answer.
1)Are there any men in the boat?Are there any women?
A:There are some men in the boat but there aren't any women.
2)Is there any milk in the glass?Is there any ink?
A:There is some milk in the glass but there isn't any ink.
3)Are there any shocks on the hanger?Are there any shoes?
A:There are some socks on the hanger but there aren't any shoes.
4)Is there any coffee in the cup? Is there any rice?
A:There is some coffee in the cup but there isn't any rice.
5)Are there any stockings on the chair? Are there any shoes?
A:There are some stockings on the chair but there aren't any shoes.
(Practice the rest of the sentences by yourself).
[5]Point , ask and answer.
1)How is he going to school?
Ans:He is going to school by bus.
2)How is she going to work?
A:She is going to work by car.
3)How is he going to school?
A:He is going to school by cycle.
(Practice the rest of the sentences by yourself).
[6]Answer:Yes, I can or No, I can't.
a)Can you read?
A:Yes, I can.
b)Can you write?
A:Yes, I can.
c)Can you fly?
A:No, I can't.
d)Can you touch the ceiling?
A:No, I can't.
e)Can you bend a ruler?
A:No, I can't.
f)Can you bend a pencil?
A:No, I can't.
7)Make sentences..
1)The boy is taller than the girl.
The girl is shorter than the boy.
2)The tree is bigger than the plant.
The plant is smaller than the tree.
3)The tall boy is stronger than the short boy.
The short boy is weaker than the tall boy.
{Practice the rest of the sentences by yourself}.
8)Give the missing words.
a)happy- happier
b)easy- easier
c)heavy- heavier
d)greedy- greedier
e)ugly- uglier
f)thick- thicker
g)thin - thinner
h)beautiful - more beautiful
i)dangerous - more dangerous
j)careful- more careful
k)careless-more careless
l)clever-more clever
Complete the revision portion of English Workbook in the book itself.