Class 7

English 2

Chapter 8

                   A Swat Village

Answer the questions with reference to the context .

1 . a . Ans - The baggage contained gifts for the family like embroidered shawls and boxes of rose and pistachio sweets as well as medicine as it was not easily available in the village.

b . Ans - The bus was headed towards the north to Barkana , the family village of the author , Shangla . It was a minibus with brightly painted panels and jangling chains. The sides of the bus were painted with scenes of bright pink and yellow flowers , neon - orange tigers and snowy mountains .

c . Ans - The passengers were not comfortably settled in the bus . Initially , they fought for the window seat although it was dirty and was difficult to see out of them . Later on they viewed the scenery outside from the moving bus .


2 . a . Ans - This place was the mountain pass to Shangla at the topmost . It was called Sky Turn .

b . Ans - In the distance , all the passengers could see the snow of Malam Jabba , their sky resort . The scenic beauty was lovely . Beside the roadside were fresh springs and waterfalls . It was a mountainous place that smelled clean and vibrant of the cedar and the pine trees . The road winded down for a while following the Ghwurban river and branched out into a rocky track .

c . Ans - If people needed to advance to other places from this point , they were required to cross the river by rope bridges or on a pulley  system by which people swing themselves across in the metal box .


3 . a . Ans - The sentence refers to the place Kana darae where there were three villages - Shahpur , Barkana and Karshat .

b . Ans - The people absolutely had no access to medical healthcare and only Shahpur had a clinic .

c . Ans - If anyone fell ill they had to be carried by relatives on wooden frames . If it was anything serious , they would have to make the long bus journey to Mingora .