Chapter – 4


A. Picture Quiz

1. Identify the icon used to insert a new slide.

Ans:       (a)

2. Identify the icon use to add Rehearse Timings in your presentation.

Ans:       (b)


B. Multiple choice Questions.

1. Who gave the idea of Power Point ?

Ans:       (a) Bob Gaskins

2. ____ is the slide that stores information about the theme applied.

Ans:       (b) Slide Master

3. To animate  slide, click ___ tab.

Ans:       (c) Slide Show


C. Fill in the blanks.

1. Microsoft Power Point is a part of Microsoft Office.

2. Power Pont is a software program that enhances Slides.

3. You can Rehearse your presentation to make sure that it fits within a certain time frame.


Section – B

A. Answer the following.

1. Write two uses of inserting bullets in a presentation.

Ans:       (a) Bullets allow us to present and describe matter in brief & point wise.

                (b) They also make the slide look attractive.

2. What is animation in Power Point ?

Ans:       We can animate text, graphics, diagram, chat and other objects on the slides so that we focus on important points and control the flow of information to develop interest in the presentation, using the Animation tab.

3. Write the steps to add SmartArt I your slide.

Ans:       Step 1 – Click the Insert tab.

                Step 2 – Click SmartArt from illustration group.

                Step 3 – Select the layout of SmartArt from left pan and choose the type of SmartArt.

                Step 4 – Click n the OK button.

4. Give the basic steps to insert a table on a slide.

Ans:       Step 1 – Click he Home tab.

                Step 2 – Click new slide from the Slide group and select a slide layout that includes a Table placeholder.

                Step 3 – Enter the number of columns and rows in the dialog box.

                Step 4 – Insert the data in appeared empty table.

5. What is the Theme ? Explain how to apply a theme on selected slides.

Ans:       The appearing colours, styles, Font, effects and background of a Power Point slide is known as Theme.

                To apply the various themes in the presentation – Select the slide, click Background Styles from the Background group in the Design tab and choose any style of background. Similarly to change font, click fonts from the Theme group in a design tab and choose any font.

6. How do you insert a video in presentation ?

Ans:       Step 1 – Click the Insert tab.

                Step 2 – Click the drop down list arrow on the Video from the Media group.

                Step 3 – Choose the required option (a) Video from file or (b) Clip ArVideo.

7. Mention the basic tips for delivering an effective presentation.

Ans:       We can apply the following tips –

                (i) Keep smiling.

                (ii) Be confident about presentation.

                (iii) Maintain regular eye contact.

                (iv) Move your hands to express yourself.

                (v) Make a good conclusion.

                (vi) Move around, do not stand at one place.

8. Write the steps to animate a slide.

Ans:       Step 1 – Select the slide that has to animate.

                Step 2 – Click the Transitions tab.

                Step 3 – Click more button.

                Step 4 – Select the effect that has to apply.

Computer Science


Chapter – 3

A. Picture Quiz

1. Identify the icon used to find a particular text.

Ans:       (a)

2. Identify the icon used to set margins.

Ans:       (b)


B. Multiple choice questions

1. Shortcut key to open Find and Replace dialog box is ____ .

Ans:       (a) Ctrl + H

2. ____ is the amount of the vertical space between the lines of text in a paragraph.

Ans:       (a) Line spacing

3. To hide or show the ruler, click ____ button present on the scroll bar.

Ans:       (c) View ruler

4. To prepare an invitation card for all your friends to invite them for your birthday party, use ____ feature in Microsoft Word.

Ans:       (c) Mail Merge


C. Fill in the blanks

1. Hyperlink helps you to move quickly from one page to another page by simply clicking on a link.

2. You can follow a link by pressing CTRL key and clicking on the link.

3. Left, Right, Top, Bottom are four types of Margins.

4. In the Mail Merge process the document that contains the letter to be sent is Main document.

5. To use Mail Merge feature, use Mailing tab on the Ribbon.


D. Answer the following

1. Define watermark.

Ans:       Watermarks refers to a text or image that is shown as a dim imprint behind the text of every page of the document. The watermarks are mostly used in important official documents for the genuinity of the document.

2. What is page margin ?

Ans:       The blank space present in all the four sides (top, bottom, left, right) of the page is refers to Page Margin. All the contains are inserted inside these four margins.

3. What are the two main components required the mail merge process ?

Ans:       To perform a mail merge process we need these two main components (a) Main document and (b) Data source.

4. Write the steps to type a drop cap letter.

Ans:       Step 1 – Click in the paragraph that need to begin with a drop cap letter.

                Step 2 – Click the Insert tab on the Ribbon.

                Step 3 – Click drop cap from the text group and choose the option from the list.

5. How do you apply column formatting on the selected list ?

Ans:       Step 1 – Select the text that has to format in column.

                Step 2 – Click on the page layout tab.

                Step 3 – Click on Column from page setup group.

                Step 4 – Choose the require number of columns from the list.

6. How do you replace the word “God” with “Very Good” in a document ?

Ans:       Step 1 – Click the Home tab.

                Step 2 – Click the drop don list of the Find from Editing group.

                Step 3 – Click Advance find option.

                Step 4 – In find box has to write the text which is like to search.

                Step 5 – And in Replace box has to write the replacing text.

                Step 6 – Click on the Replace or Replace All option.

7. Write the steps to insert a Hyperlink in a document.

Ans:       Step 1 – Select the text on which Hyperlink is to be inserted.

                Step 2 – Click the Insert tab.

                Step 3 – Click Hyperlink from the Links group.

                Step 4 – Choose an option Existing File or Web Page to create a link.

                Step 5 – Type the URL f a web site or choose the existing file from the list.

                Step 6 – Click on OK button.

8. How do you add a picture as a watermark in a document ?

Ans:       Step 1 – Open the document and click on the Page Layout tab.

                Step 2 – Click on Watermark from the Page Background group.

                Step 3 – Click Picture watermark option and select the picture then click o Insert button.

( Question No. 9 is for Practical Classes )


DATE : 06.05.2021



A.    Quiz

1. Ans:   1st generation computer used the Vacuum Tube teacnology.

2. Ans:   Microprocessors invented by the Intel corporation.

B.    Multiple choice questions.

1.     Computers are classified into five generations.

2.     IC stands for Integrated Circuits .

3.     Invention of Microprocessor revolutionized the computer system completely.

4.     As Binary number system has only two digits 0 and 1, it is called Base 2 system.

C. Fill in the blanks.

1.     A computer is dependent on the user for performing a task.

2.     First generation computers had limited commercial use as they were difficult to program.

3.     Fifth generation computers are intelligent like human beings.

4.     Arithmetic operations can be performed with decimal numbers as well as Binary numbers.

5.     As decimal number system has 10 digits, it is called

Base 10   system.


Section – B

A.    Answer the following

1.     What dose bit stand for ?

Ans:        bit stand for Binary digit.

2.     What is Windows Explorer ?

Ans:        Windows explorer is a file management program.

3.     Give two examples of each of the following. 

(a)   First generation computers.

(b)   Second generation computers.

(c)    Third generation computers.

(d)   Forth generation computer.

Ans:        (a)   Example of 1st generation computer – ENIAC and EDVAC.

                (b)   Example of 2nd generation computer – ENIAC 1401 and IBM 700.

                (c)    Example of 3rd generation computer – IBM 360 and ICL 1900.

                (d)   Example of 4th generation computer – IBM 4300 and HP 9000.

4.     Define Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ans:        The term Artificial Intelligence or AI refers to the type of intelligence used in modern machines to perform task just like human brain. With AI machines can think and take decisions like us. Example- Robots, Automated machines.

5.     List the characteristics of a computer.

Ans:        The characteristics of a computer –

                (a)   Speed    (b)   Accuracy       (c)    Large Memory

                (d)   Diligence     (e)     Versatility.

6.     What are the limitations of a computer ?

Ans:        Computer does not possess intelligence of its own, it is depending on users.

                And computer has not any feelings or emotions like us, so It can’t have experience to make decisions.

7.     Write two differences between 1st and 2nd generation computers.

Ans:        (i) First generation computers was very heavy and large in size, but Second generation computers was smaller, cheaper and faster than 1st generation.

                (ii) First generation computers had limited commercial used due to the difficulties to program, but second generation computer had wider commercial use due to easy programming process.